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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Thursday, 04 January 2007 04:26
R2PCS Recent Activities
Responsibility to Protect Engaging Civil Society

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R2PCS in Japan, Philippines and Chicago

We would like to inform you of three recent events which involved the participation or consultation of WFM-IGPs R2PCS program. If you would like more information about any of these events, please feel free to be in touch.

***Roundtable Discussion on R2P and the Role of Parliamentarians***

On 6 December 2006, R2PCSs Nicole Deller spoke at a Roundtable Discussion on the international communities responses to humanitarian crises and the role of parliamentarians in Tokyo, Japan. R2PCS was consulted by the organizers to help develop program content. The purpose of the roundtable was to:

to further parliamentarians understanding of the concept of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and its incorporation in the national legislation and practices
to explore the concrete applications of the Responsibility to Protect to current humanitarian crisis, such as in Darfur, Myanmar, and N. Korea, and
to consider a new tool to fill the gap between need and capacity: a UN Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS), envisioned as a 12-18,000-strong unit of military personnel, civilian police, legal experts, and relief professionals from various countries who are voluntarily employed by the UN.

To see the background paper and program,

To see the partial list of roundtable participants,

***The Fifth ASEAN Peoples Assembly***

From 8-10 December 2006, R2PCS participated in the Fifth Annual ASEAN Peoples Assembly in Manila, Philippines. R2PCSs Nicole Deller made a presentation at one of the concurrent panels onflict Prevention, Peacebuilding and the Responsibility to Protect. R2PCS also contributed by writing a paper, which can be viewed at:

The ASEAN Peoples Assembly (APA) is a forum organized by the ASEAN Institutes of Strategic and International Studies (ASEAN ISIS) to enable dialogue and confidence building between governments, think tanks, and civil society groups in ASEAN on a range of political, economic, security, and social-cultural issues that affect the peoples and communities of Southeast Asia. Some 300 participants from Southeast Asia and outside the region discussed issues and problems around the theme he Role of the People in Building an ASEAN Community of Caring and Sharing Societies.

For more information about the APA (including agenda, background papers and conference program), please visit

*** Conference: "The Responsibility to Protect: Engaging America"***

From 15-17 November 2006, R2PCS participated in a conference in Chicago, Illinois, at the invitation of the R2P Coalition, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the International Crisis Group, to develop a strategy intended to engage America on its responsibility to protect populations from genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. WFM-IGPs Executive Director Bill Pace presented the topic, he International Context: Recent Developments and Forthcoming Steps, on a Discussion panel entitled, 2P: Where Are We? His paper can be viewed at:

The conference was also sponsored by the International Human Rights Law Institute of DePaul University and the Center for International Human Rights at the Northwestern University School of Law.

For more information about the R2P coalition, please visit:

For a list of background materials and participants list, please visit:

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