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United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide: Media Briefing on Mission to South Sudan PDF Print E-mail
Media Briefing by Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide on Mission to South Sudan
30 April 2014
Below are excerpts from the media briefing given in Juba, South Sudan. For the full press release, click here.
My primary focus is the prevention of genocide and other related atrocity crimes. My office advocates for measures to protect populations from being targeted on the basis or their identity. What is happening in this country has put the population at high risk of serious violence. In our meetings, we have reiterated and reminded the President and the government that the state has a primary responsibility to protect all South Sudanese, irrespective of their ethnic, national or political affiliation.
As I leave Juba, I beseech everyone: the South Sudanese, your leaders, the regional and the international community, to take immediate measures to end the violence and uphold our collective responsibility to protect the populations of South Sudan from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. Ethnicity should not be used as a reason to incite violence or demonise and exclude any community or section of the population. The world is watching. Those responsible for serious violations must be held accountable.
South Sudanese should also engage on genuine reconciliation, that will ensure they coexist as one people. Their diversity should not be used to divide them but should be their strength to live as one nation. Everyone in this country has a role to contribute towards this end. I encourage the government to engage with all actors, including the civil society, community and religious leaders as you forge for peace. Remain vigilant to end the violence and ensure peace. This is your country and you have even a bigger responsibility to bring peace to South Sudan.
See the full press release here

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