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Peace Direct: Atrocity Prevention and Peacebuilding: Key insights and lessons from a global consultation 5 April 2018
WFM-IGP and partners convene seminar is to strengthen the capacity of women and men in arms in Human Rights in Côte d’Ivoire 13 March 2018
WFM-IGP Annual Report 19 January 2018
Human Rights Watch: World Report 2018 18 January 2018
International Refugee Rights Initiative: Conflict and Displacement in the Kasai 16 January 2018
Ameya Naik, The International Peace Institute: Syria and the Crisis of Sovereignty 10 April 2017
Amnesty International: Scorched Earth, Poison Air 29 September 2016
Alex Bellamy, Stanley Foundation: Reducing Risk, Strengthening Resilience: Toward the Structural Prevention of Atrocity Crimes 26 April 2016
FCNL: Sixty Faith, Human Rights, Humanitarian and Anti-Genocide Groups Call for Passage of Senate Bill to Prevent Genocide and Atrocities 29 February 2016
Alex J. Bellamy, The Washington Post: Syria is a failure of commitment, not principle 16 February 2016
Alex J. Bellamy, The Global Observatory: Time to Rethink Protection as Syrian Mistakes Echo Sri Lanka 10 February 2016
Alex Bellamy, the Stanley Foundation: The First Response: Peaceful Means in the Third Pillar of the Responsibility to Protect 14 January 2016
Human Rights Watch: Yemen: Coalition Drops Cluster Bombs in Capital 7 January 2016
Asia and the Pacific Policy Society - Will Myanmar be the world’s next mass atrocity? 1 September 2015
CRIES: Latin America and the Responsibility to Protect: Divergent Views from the South? 1 September 2015
Alex Bellamy, Can New Sustainable Development Goals Add Firepower to the War on War? 10 August 2015
Stanley Foundation: Economic Drivers of Mass Atrocities: Implications for Policy and Prevention 1 August 2015
IRIN: Tackling the Roots of the Rohingya Crisis 8 June 2015
IRIN: What Now for Burundi? Five Key Risks 18 May 2015
On R2P: How the NGO and tech sectors can help protect communities 7 April 2015
Prioritizing Human Security: Delivering a United Nations That Prevents Atrocities 26 March 2015
Gareth Evans - R2P: THE NEXT TEN YEARS 17 March 2015
pdf Chatham House - International Affairs: A chronic protection problem: the DPRK and the Responsibility to Protect 16 March 2015
Global Public Policy Institute: Germany Needs More Than a Debate About the Military 4 February 2015
Ahmed H. Adam: Why is the World Blind to the Fresh Threat of Genocide in Darfur? 20 January 2015
Alex Bellamy: A Living Reality? The Responsibility to Protect and the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities 18 December 2014
New Blog from the ICRtoP: Buffer Zones and Local Freezes: What Hope for Ending Syria’s Civil War? 16 December 2014
Roland Paris, Washington Post - Is it possible to meet the ‘Responsibility to Protect’? 10 December 2014
The Malaysian Insider: Asean must not remain aloof from Rohingya dilemma 12 November 2014
Amnesty International: Iraq: Evidence of war crimes by government-backed Shi’a militias 14 October 2014
UN Resolution: Refer North Korea to Criminal Court 10 October 2014
New York Times: Investigators in Syria Seek Paper Trails That Could Prove War Crimes 8 October 2014
The Notions of the Responsibility to Protect and the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict 6 October 2014
Gareth Evans: The limits to fighting Islamic State 29 September 2014
FIDH: The Human Rights Council should push for more accountability in Yemen 18 September 2014
Surin Pitsuwan, The Malaysian Insider : A caring Asean community 10 September 2014
Evan Cinq-Mars, The Stanley Foundation: Eight Days in Bangui 12 August 2014
Alex Bellamy, Global Observatory: Aiding Iraqis Meets Responsibility to Protect and Could Lead to Common Ground on Syria 11 August 2014
Alex Bellamy: Are New Robust Mandates Putting UN Peacekeepers More at Risk? 29 May 2014
The Guardian: Interview with Kofi Annan on Syria and RtoP 23 May 2014
United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide: Media Briefing on Mission to South Sudan 30 April 2014
UNA-UK: Mainstreaming the Responsibility to Protect in UK Strategy 29 April 2014
International Peace Institute: UN Adviser on Prevention of Genocide - "We Have to Make Sure the Security Council Acts" 28 April 2014 Today's Digital Witnesses Can Prevent Tomorrow's War Crimes 22 April 2014
Sudan Consortium: The Impact of Conflict on Civilians in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States (March 2014) 17 April 2014
Clingendael - South Sudan: from fragility at independence to a crisis of sovereignty 16 April 2014
Pam Omidyar: Invest in Atrocity Prevention 14 April 2014
International Crisis Group - South Sudan: A Civil War by Any Other Name 10 April 2014
African Arguments: How did Rwanda’s genocide change our world? 3 April 2014
IRRI: South Sudan - Refugees seek protection in Uganda and a way home 2 April 2014
United to End Genocide: Marching to Genocide in Burma 24 March 2014
Canadian International Council: There's Hope for R2P 24 March 2014
Romeo Dallaire: The Very Real Prospect of Genocide in Burma 24 March 2014
The Sudan Consortium: Update on the Impact of Aerial Bombardment on Civilians February 2014 17 March 2014
The Brookings Institution: The Responsibility to Protect Hangs in the Balance 25 February 2014
Human Rights Watch: North Korea - UN Should Act on Atrocities Report 19 February 2014
Carnegie Europe: Germany Needs to Embrace the Responsibility to Protect 13 February 2014
E-International Relations: From R2P to RANP - Sri Lanka and 'Responsibility After Not Protecting' 11 February 2014
Brookings Institute: Syria: Another Form of Negotiation is Needed 8 February 2014
Alison Giffen, CNN: How the UN Should Handle South Sudan 5 February 2014
IPI Global Observatory: As Violence Persists, International Intervention in CAR Falls Short 5 February 2014
Holly Dranginis, Denise Siwatula: To prevent an M23 resurgence in Congo, perpetrators must face justice 24 January 2014
Alex Bellamy, IPI: Libyan Case a Red Herring in Syria Dilemma 15 January 2014
IPI Global Observatory: The RtoP Principle is Not the Problem: Interview with Jennifer Welsh 11 December 2013
Alex Bellamy: How Humanitarians Protect Populations Against Mass Atrocities (With Limits) 10 December 2013
Toronto Star: Child Soldiers are Early Warning of Genocide to Come 7 December 2013
Alex Bellamy: Diplomacy and the Distractions of Protection 27 November 2013
Human Rights Watch: Unbroken Violence in Congo 25 November 2013
Alexandra Buskie: Catching Fire: National Interest and the Central African Republic 22 November 2013
Thierry Vircoulin: Central African Republic is descending into anarchy 20 November 2013
New York Times Op-Ed: Kenya and the International Criminal Court 9 November 2013
The Guardian: The World Must Unite to Save Central African Republic from Catastrophe 9 November 2013
Reuters: Sudanese rebels tell world to "wake up" to war 7 November 2013
Reuters: U.N. officials see risk of genocide in Central African Republic 1 November 2013
No Red Lines in Central African Republic: It’s Time to Act 1 November 2013
Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch: Syria: What Chance to Stop the Slaughter? 30 October 2013
Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: Australia and the Responsibility to Protect 28 October 2013
Washington Post: UN Human Rights Council Needs to Keep an Eye on Burma 24 October 2013
Cardozo Human Rights Program: A Common Standard for Applying the Responsibility to Protect 23 October 2013
New York Times - South Sudan's Army Faces Accusations of Civilian Abuse 30 September 2013
ICRtoP mentioned in Mantle Article on New U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. 16 September 2013
IRRI: Citizenship Rights and the Prevention of Atrocity Crimes 10 September 2013
Financial Times: Death toll rises to 73 in Central African Republic clashes 10 September 2013
Kofi Annan, New York Times: Justice for Kenya 9 September 2013
Mike Abramowitz, Washington Post: Does the United States have a ‘responsibility to protect’ the Syrian people? 9 September 2013
New York Times: On Syria, a U.N. Vote Isn’t Optional 4 September 2013
Gareth Evans, Australian Financial Review: The Moral Case on Syria When the Law is Lacking 30 August 2013
WFMC - Letter on Sept. 11 UN debate on RtoP 29 August 2013
Huffington Post: Responding to Protect Civilians in Syria? 28 August 2013
The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention: A Formula for Ethnic Cleansing in Burma 28 August 2013
US News: Syria and the Limits of Responsibility to Protect 27 August 2013
Amnesty International: Syria: UN team must get full access to investigate ‘chemical weapons’ claim 21 August 2013
Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: Statement on Today's Reported Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria 21 August 2013
UN News Centre: Interview with Patricia O'Brien, United Nations USG of Legal Affairs, on RtoP 19 August 2013
USIP: RtoP Weighed Down by Misconceptions 16 August 2013
New York Times: Death Toll in Egypt climbs to 525 15 August 2013
Huffington Post: Ivan Simonovic, UN ASG for Human Rights—Lawlessness in the Heart of Africa 14 August 2013
Radio Dabanga: 'Ethnic cleansing' accusations as East Darfur death toll rises 12 August 2013
Voice of America: Keita Wins Mali Election After Cisse Concedes 12 August 2013
Women Under Seige: Can tracking rape in conflict prevent genocide? 8 August 2013
IPI Global Observatory: Challenges ahead of Mali’s Elections 8 August 2013
The Guardian: Syria: There is Worse to Come 8 August 2013
The New Yorker: Can Libya Be Saved? 7 August 2013
New York Times: Mike Abramowitz, US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Who Will Stand Up for the Responsibility to Protect? 5 August 2013
Donald Steinberg, President of World Learning—Keynote Address on “Responsibility to Protect in the Real World: A Tale of Two Countries” 5 August 2013
Simon Adams, Executive Director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: Can Brazil Save the United Nations? 5 August 2013
Politico: Madeleine K. Albright and Richard S. Williamson - Our shared responsibility to protect 22 July 2013
Jennifer Welsh, Patrick Quinton-Brown and Victor MacDiarmid, CCR2P - Brazil’s “Responsibility While Protecting” Proposal: A Canadian Perspective 15 July 2013
Interview with Alex Bellamy, Waving the Red Flag: Preventing Atrocities 9 July 2013
allAfrica - Congo-Kinshasa: New Urgency to Talks With M23 Rebels 8 July 2013
Daniel Sullivan, United to End Genocide (blog post) – Growing Global Efforts to End Mass Atrocities 1 July 2013
Neil MacFarquhar, the New York Times - A Golden Age for Intervention? 10 June 2013
Tom Andrews, United to End Genocide (blog post) - Preventing Atrocities Is Everyone's Business 6 June 2013
Jim Della-Giacoma, International Crisis Group - “Senseless, irrational, reactionary and extremist behaviour” in Myanmar 3 June 2013
Hilde F. Johnson, Huffington Post - UN Peacekeepers Day: Resilience in the Face of Adversity 30 May 2013
Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate – A Talking cure for Syria 30 May 2013
Lloyd Axworthy (WFM-IGP), StarTribune - On Syria, R2P guides the way 20 May 2013
Diane Marie Amann (blog post) - China's stance on Syria 17 May 2013
Jeremy Greenstock (Chairman, UNA-UK), The Guardian - For Syria, the civil war is still to come 17 May 2013
Reuters - Syria death toll at least 80,000, says U.N. General Assembly president 16 May 2013
AllAfrica - Kenya: ICC Postpones Trial Against Kenya Deputy President 6 May 2013
Ian Holliday, South China Morning Post - UN must act to stop human rights abuses in Myanmar 1 May 2013
Michael Shank, Madeleine Rose, CNN - Stop atrocities before they start 26 April 2013
Kyle Matthews (MIGS), iPolitics - Finding the courage to fight genocide 24 April 2013
Valerie Amos, Ertharin Cousin, Antonio Guterres, Anthony Lake, Margaret Chan - A U.N. Appeal to Save Syria 15 April 2013
Elizabeth Evenson, Human Rights Watch - Will Kenya’s new president respect international court? 12 April 2013
Telegraph - Most victims of sexual violence in conflict zones are children, report shows 10 April 2013
Discussion between: Gareth Evans & Ramesh Thakur and Robert A. Pape on Humanitarian Intervention and RtoP 8 April 2013
Oyinkan Muraina, Penn Society for International Development - Does the Syrian Conlict Spell the End of R2P? 4 April 2013
Katherine Prizeman, Global Action to Prevent War - Looking to the Future of the ATT and Shifting Attention to Implementation 3 April 2013
Dr. James Pattison, University of Manchester - The ethics of “Responsibility while Protecting”: Brazil, the Responsibility to Protect and guidelines for humanitarian intervention 1 April 2013
Ryan Liss & Joanna Langille, Globe and Mail - It’s not just the drought treaty: In international law, Canada has withered 29 March 2013
Interview with Gilberto Rodriguez: With Power Comes Responsibility 27 March 2013
Jon Western and Joshua S. Goldstein, Foreign Affairs - R2P After Syria 27 March 2013
Reuters (via CIC) - Interview with Naomi Kikoler (Global Centre for R2P): A Responsibility to Prevent 27 March 2013
Human Rights Watch - Why have we forgotten about Libya? 25 March 2013
Jan Egeland, Human Rights Watch - Time for Brics to stop sitting on the fence over Syria atrocities 22 March 2013
Al Jazeera - The case for restraint: Syria and the International Criminal Court 21 March 2013
Reuters - U.N. presses Sri Lanka to pursue wartime crimes 21 March 2013
Sara Davies (Asia Pacific Centre for R2P) and Melina Lito (GAPW), IPI Global Observatory –UN Arms Treaty Waters Down Role of Weapons in Sexual and Gender-Based Violence 19 March 2013
Al Jazeera - Kenya's Kenyatta to urge ICC to drop charges 18 March 2013
TVO – The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Interview with Naomi Kikoler: Kenya's Elections: An R2P Success Story? 12 March 2013
Human Rights Europe - Podcast: Bosnia, minority rights and the principles of international intervention 7 March 2013
Auschwitz Institute for Peace & Reconciliation: Romeo Dallaire Stresses Rebuilding After Atrocities as Crucial to Prevention of Future Crimes 6 March 2013
Hugh Breakey - R2P and POC in the UN Security Council 6 March 2013
Foreign Policy, John Prendergast - Preventing the Next Mali 4 March 2013
Global Public Policy Institute - Thorsten Benner, Brazil as a norm entrepreneur: the “Responsibility While Protecting” initiative 4 March 2013
UN News Centre - Kenyan elections must be free of sexual violence, UN official stresses ahead of polls 1 March 2013
Interview with Naomi Kikoler of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect 27 February 2013
“The Agenda” devotes part of program to RtoP, with Naomi Kikoler (Global Centre for R2P) 27 February 2013
Huffington Post - Simon Adams, Killer SMS: Incitement and the Kenyan Elections 26 February 2013
CNN - John Prendergast, Hope for an End to the World's Deadliest War 22 February 2013
The Huffington Post - Lloyd Axworthy, Kofi Annan's Advice to the United Nations 21 February 2013
Kyle Matthews (MIGS), Globe and Mail - Does the lesson from Syria imply it is better to save no one? 20 February 2013
The Whig, Louis A. Delvoie - R2P crushed under the boot of cruel reality 15 February 2013
Kyle Matthews (MIGS), Canadian International Council - The End of Atrocity 12 February 2013
Merkourious – Utrech Journal of International and European Law: Responsibility to Protect: Implementing a Global Norm towards Peace and Security: An Interview with Dr Simon Adams 7 February 2013
The Whig - Geoffery Johnston Series on the Responsibility to Protect 7 February 2013
Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch - The New Syria Will Need Human Rights, Not Reprisals 5 February 2013
New York Times - Assad Can Avoid Trial by Leaving, Coalition Says 4 February 2013
CBC Radio - Does the 'Responsibility to Protect' doctrine mean Canada is obligated to intervene militarily in Syria? 4 February 2013
Foreign Policy - Christian Caryl, Why the Killing in Syria Is Just the Beginning 25 January 2013
Alex Bellamy, Protection Gateway - Why Rebels (Sometimes) Commit Atrocities 22 January 2013
Human Rights Watch - Tamara Alrifai, Syria: Seeking Justice 15 January 2013
National Post - Roméo Dallaire and Kyle Matthews, The price of inaction in Mali 14 January 2013
Joel Barkan - Council on Foreign Relations, Electoral Violence in Kenya 10 January 2013
CNN - Time to Refer Syria to the ICC 10 January 2013
David Kaye, Foreign Policy - Responsibility to Object 10 January 2013
ICRtoP Blog introduces new “Spotlight” series; First post features the work of Coalition member, the World Federation of United Nations Associations 9 January 2013
Hugh Breakey, Charles Sampford and Ramesh Thakur - The Canberra Times, Principles to protect rise above politics 7 January 2013
The Washington Post - Carol Morello, Syrian lawyers collect war crimes testimony 5 January 2013
UN News Service - Increasing ethnic violence in DR Congo has led to serious humanitarian crisis 4 January 2013
Philippe Bolopion, Human Rights Watch - Rwanda’s Rampaging Rebel Force 28 December 2012
Noele Crossley, Global Policy - The Responsibility to Protect in 2012 28 December 2012
Louise Arbour, International Crisis Group - 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2013 27 December 2012
BBC - First civilian sentenced for Argentina Dirty War crimes 19 December 2012
Ramesh Thakur, Passblue - How the Two Main Principles for Protecting Civilians Actually Work 10 December 2012
Hugh Breakey, Charles Sampford, Ramesh Thakur; Japan Times - The reality of R2P and POC 5 December 2012
Peter van Tuijl (GPPAC), Christian Science Monitor - Mali security nightmare: Why foreign intervention alone won't stop the chaos 26 November 2012
Protection Gateway: The UN’s Action in Sri Lanka: Q&A with Alex Bellamy 19 November 2012
Gilles Yabi, International Crisis Group - Mali: No Quick Fixes for a Complex Crisis 19 November 2012
Simon Adams, New York Times - The World's Next Genocide 15 November 2012
New book by Prof. Alex Bellamy: Massacres and Morality – Mass Atrocities in an Age of Civilian Immunity 8 November 2012
James Pattison, University of Denver - The RtoP and Responsibility while Protecting: The Secretary-General’s Timely and Decisive Report on Timely and Decisive Responses 31 October 2012
Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate - Remembering Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields 26 October 2012
Alex Bellamy and Tim Dunne, Ethics and International Affairs - Elected Security Council Members: Power, Process, Purpose 23 October 2012
Laura Spano, RADR - India’s Role in Preventing Mass Atrocities 19 October 2012
Alex Zucker (Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation), IJ Central - What Does It Mean to Prevent Genocide? 17 October 2012
Simon Adams -Huffington Post - Emergent Powers: India, Brazil, South Africa and the Responsibility to Protect 1 October 2012
The World Today - Gareth Evans on 'Responsibility to Protect' after Libya 1 October 2012
Kyle Matthews, Centre for International Policy Studies - Canada’s Abandonment of the Responsibility to Protect 1 October 2012
Luke Glanville - Protection Gateway: Syria and the Question of Non-Violent Resistance 25 September 2012
Roméo Dallaire with Andrew Coleman, National Post - Picking the path of peace when we intervene overseas 25 September 2012
C. Butcher, B. Goldsmith, D. Semenovich, A. Sowmya - Asia Pacific Centre for R2P: Understanding and Forecasting Political Instability and Genocide for Early Warning 19 September 2012
Alex Bellamy, Protection Gateway - It’s Time to Make Prevention a “Living Reality” 12 September 2012
The Jakarta Post - The Rohingya crisis: ASEAN vs Red Cross 6 September 2012
Tim Dunne, Lowy Interpreter - R2P, Libya and the myth of regime change 5 September 2012
Irwin Cotler - 10 Steps to a Peaceful Syria 24 August 2012
Sara Davies - R2P + WPS = preventing SGBV 20 August 2012
Patrick Quinton-Brown - Saving R2P from Syria 14 August 2012
Patrick Quinton-Brown, Canadian International Council - Saving R2P from Syria 14 August 2012
Shibani Mahtani, Wall Street Journal - Muslim Nations Take on Myanmar Over Rohingyas 6 August 2012
James Traub, Foreign Policy - Annan and On and On 2 August 2012
Mochammad Faisal Karim, The Jakarta Post - ASEAN responsibility to protect 2 August 2012
Drew Christiansen, America Magazine - Syria: How R2P Might Still Work 1 August 2012
Simon Adams, Huffington Post - Peace Versus Justice in Syria's Civil War 1 August 2012
Jared Genser - World Policy on Air 31 July 2012
Noele Crossley, Global Policy Journal - Has the RtoP Failed in Syria? 21 July 2012
Tim Dunne and Sarah Teitt, Lowy Institute for International Policy: The Interpreter - Firing blanks at R2P 11 July 2012
Alex Bellamy, Griffith Asia Institute - Stopping genocide and mass atrocities - the problem of regime change 5 July 2012
Hugo Slim, Oxford and Cambridge Forum Politics in Spires - Lifting the Siege: Protecting Civilians In Syria 27 June 2012
Louise Arbour, The Globe and Mail - For justice and civilians, don't rule out regime change 25 June 2012
Jeremy Sarkin, Groningen Journal of International Law - Is the Responsibility to Protect an Accepted Norm of International Law post-Libya Era? 21 June 2012
Nigeria Federal Ministry of Information - ECOWAS wants member countries more responsive in protection of citizens 12 June 2012
Steward M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations - RIP for R2P? Syria and the Dilemmas of Humanitarian Intervention 11 June 2012
Anne-Marie Slaughter, The Washington Post - Syrian intervention is justifiable, and just 8 June 2012
Alex Bellamy and Time Dunne, The Interpreter- Syria: R2P on trial 5 June 2012
Rachel Gerber, The InterDependent - Peacekeeping and the Responsibility to Protect 29 May 2012
Gabriela Steinemann, The Nation - Can ASEAN take up its responsibility to protect? 28 May 2012
James Traub, Foreign Policy - Enough Talking, Kofi 25 May 2012
Aegis Trust - Bombed, displaced, starving: rains about to cut off people of Blue Nile and South Kordofan from international aid, even if Sudan allows it in 24 May 2012
Giulio Terzi, Foreign Policy - Why Libya Matters 22 May 2012
Douglas Brommessonand Henrik Friberg Fernros, Journal of International Relations and Development - The feasibility of an expanded regime on the use of force: the case of the responsibility to protect 18 May 2012
Victor MacDiarmid and Patrick Quinton-Brown, Canadian International Council - Recommitting to R2P 11 May 2012
Simon Adams, The Huffington Post - Barack Obama Atrocity Preventer 6 May 2012
Dismas Nkunda, The Observer - The two Sudans must come back to their senses 6 May 2012
Hamid Dabashi, Al Jazeera - Don't Let Syria Become Libya 1 May 2012
Spencer Zifcak (Australia National University) - The Responsibility to Protect after Libya and Syria 25 April 2012
Allyson Neville-Morgan, United to End Genocide - President Launches Landmark Effort to Prevent Genocide 23 April 2012
Paul B. Stares, Council on Foreign Relations - Serious Steps to Stop Atrocities 23 April 2012
Stewart M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations - New Tools to Prevent Atrocities: Beyond Syria 23 April 2012
Trevor Thrall, The Atlantic - Never Again? Obama's Big, Risky Plan for Preventing Global Atrocities 23 April 2012
Madeleine Albright and William Cohen, Foreign Policy - More Than Just Remembering 23 April 2012
Abigail Long and David Abramowitz, Humanity United - Why the Atrocities Prevention Board is Critical 22 April 2012
Christian Science Monitor - Syria? Iran? Kony? Let's face down atrocities before they occur 22 April 2012
Jonas Claes, United States Institute of Peace - Obama Announces Formation of the Atrocities Prevention Board 22 April 2012
Ellen J. Kennedy, Minnpost - Remembering the Holocaust 18 April 2012
Jean G. Tompihé, The Huffington Post - Mali: the Catastrophic Consequence of Humanitarian Intervention in Libya 17 April 2012
Amitai Etzioni, The National Interest - When to Intervene 12 April 2012
Suat Kiniklioglu, Today’s Zaman - What is about to happen in Syria? 11 April 2012
Conor Foley, The Guardian - Welcome to Brazil's version of 'responsibility to protect' 9 April 2012
Jide Martyns Okeke, Institute for Security Studies - Why NATO Intervention in Libya is not a Victory for Responsibility to Protect 9 April 2012
Simon Adams, The Huffington Post - Rwanda, Syria and the Responsibility to Protect 4 April 2012
Simon Adams, New York Times - The Power of Coercive Nuance 25 March 2012
Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate - Saving the Syrians 23 March 2012
Bennett Ramberg, The Daily Star - Five ways to advance a Responsibility to Protect agenda in Syria 18 March 2012
Lloyd Axworthy, Global Brief - Don't Allow Libya to Define R2P 15 March 2012
Alain Délétroz, Le Temps - Crise syrienne: Moscou peut jouer un meilleur rôle 14 March 2012
Benedetta Berti, Christian Science Monitor - To help Syria, apply a mix of 'soft' and 'hard' power 14 March 2012
Roland Paris, Canadaian International Council - R2P Is Not a License for Military Recklessness 12 March 2012
UN News - Syrian civilians continue to bear brunt of 'collective punishment' (UN rights panel) 12 March 2012
Gareth Evans, New York Times - In Defense of 'R2P' 11 March 2012
Bennett Ramberg, Khaleej Times - Syrian responsibility 11 March 2012
Alex De Wall, New York Times - How to End Mass Atrocities 9 March 2012
Council on Foreign Relations - Interview: The Outlook from Brazil 9 March 2012
James Rudolph, The Christian Science Monitor - 'Responsibility to protect': the moral imperative to intervene in Syria 8 March 2012
Bennett Ramberg, The Jakarta Globe - Whose Responsibility is it to Protect Syrians? 7 March 2012
Ramesh Thakur, Institute for Security Studies - Libya and the Responsibility to Protect: Between opportunistic humanitarianism and value-free pragmatism 6 March 2012
Dewa Mavhinga, The Zimbabwean - SADC Must Focus 6 March 2012
David Rieff, The Age - As Syrians suffer, do we stand by or send in troops? 5 March 2012
The New York Times - Dicussion: How to Prevent Another Darfur 29 February 2012
Ekkehard Strauss, European Union Institute for Security Studies - From idea to experience - Syria and the Responsibility to Protect 27 February 2012
Ramesh Thakur, The Japan Times - Find common ground with critics to work out norm for 'responsibility to protect' operations 27 February 2012
Steven Erlanger, The Sacramento Bee - Syrian conflict could upend Middle East 26 February 2012
The Economist - Unslayable ghosts: Sri Lanka and the West head for a showdown over human rights 25 February 2012
Anne-Marie Slaughter, the New York Times - How to Halt the Butchery in Syria 23 February 2012
Ted Piccone and Emily Alinikoff, The Atlantic - How Syria is Splitting Russia and China from the Developing World 20 February 2012
Peter Beaumont, The Observer - One year on: chaotic Libya reveals the perils of humanitarian intervention 17 February 2012
Anthony Elghossain and Firas Maksad, The National - A responsibility to Syria: set up a humanitarian corridor 14 February 2012
Kenneth Roth, Deutsche Welle - "These are clearly crimes against humanity" 14 February 2012
Irwin Cotler, Jerusalem Post - Saving Syria 10 February 2012
Tim Dunne, The Interpreter - R2P and Syria: Avoiding collateral damage 10 February 2012
OSAPG - Special Advisers of the United Nations Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, Francis Deng, and on the Responsibility to Protect, Edward Luck, urge immediate action to end violence in Syria 9 February 2012
Simon Adams, Huffington Post - A Diplomatic Surge for Syria? 9 February 2012
The Bloomberg View - Arming the Opposition is the Wrong Way to Unseat Syria's Assad 6 February 2012
National Public Radio - The Responsibility to Protect in Syria and Beyond 6 February 2012
Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate - Responsibility While Protecting 26 January 2012
Alex Bellamy, UN Chronicle - Human Rights and the UN: Progress and Challenges 24 January 2012
Marc Lynch, Foreign Policy - No Military Option in Syria 16 January 2012
WPS Sidhu, –2012 and the Perils of Prediction 25 December 2011
Matias Spektor, New York Times –The Arab Spring, Seen from Brazil 23 December 2011
AllAfrica- Cote d'Ivoire: Laurent Gbagbo and the ICC 18 December 2011
Romeo Dallaire, Frank Chalk and Kyle Matthews, Ottawa Citizen- Don’t Let the DRC Go Up in Flames 12 December 2011
Gareth Evans, Foreign Policy- End of the Argument 8 December 2011
Marika Alpini, Eurasia Review- Right to Intervene and Right to Protect: Dilemmas of Humanitarianism in Syria- Analysis 8 December 2011
Roger Nokes The Interdependent - Libya and the Future of the Responsibility to Protect 7 December 2011
Irwin Cotler, Ottawa Citizen- Syrians Die While the World Dithers 29 November 2011
Kyle Matthews and Jonathan Hutson, Embassy Magazine- Using Witnesses in the Fight for Human Rights; Canada Should Leverage its Arab League Links to Pressure Russia and China on Syria 23 November 2011
Amitai Etzioni, Foreign Affairs- Point of Order: Is China More Westphalian Than the West? 23 November 2011
Martha Hall Findlay, iPolitics- Can Responsibility to Protect Survive Libya and Syria? 17 November 2011
Gareth Evans, The New York Times- The Lesson of Libya 14 November 2011
David Rieff- R2P, R.I.P. 14 November 2011
J.L. Granatstein, The Ottawa Citizen- Should Canada Focus on Keeping the Peace? No 11 November 2011
Marc Lynch- Foreign Policy: Arab leaders shouldn’t kill their people? 10 November 2011
Eric Posner- Outside the Law 24 October 2011
Heather Roff, Bessma Momani- The Tactics of Intervention: Why Syria Will Never Be Libya 24 October 2011
Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock- Op-Ed: A Victory for the Responsibility to Protect 24 October 2011
Tim Dunne, Jess Gifkins- Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: After Libya, What Now for R2P? 23 October 2011
Richard Dalton- Libya, and the Limits of Liberal Intervention 22 October 2011
Richard Falk- Libya After Gaddafi: A Dangerous Precedent? 21 October 2011
Foreign Policy Roundtable- Did Qaddafi’s End Justify the Means? 19 October 2011
Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights President Jillian Siskind-Canada and the Responsibility to Protect 19 October 2011
Jillian Siskind- Canada and The Responsibility to Protect 18 October 2011
Simon Adams- South Africa and Syria at the UN 17 October 2011
Alex Bellamy: The Responsibility to Protect and the Problem of Regime Change 13 October 2011
The Stanley Foundation's Rachel Gerber- Prevention: Core to the Responsibility to Protect 9 October 2011
Gareth Evans: Responding to Mass Atrocity Crimes: The “Responsibility to Protect” After Libya 5 October 2011
Simon Adams - R2P and Libya Mission 28 September 2011
Ramesh Thakur - Has R2P Worked in Libya? 19 September 2011
Thalif Deen - U.N Security Council Fiddles While Syria Burns 16 September 2011
Rachel Gerber - Beyond Libya: A World Ready to Respond to Mass Violence 9 September 2011
Richard Falk - Preliminary Libyan Scorecard: Acting Beyond the UN Mandate 8 September 2011
David Bosco - Humanitarian Inquisition 1 September 2011
Mahmood Mamdani - How to Keep NATO from Your Door - Lessons from the Fall of Gaddafi 30 August 2011
Philippe Bolopion - After Libya, the question: to protect or depose? 25 August 2011
Paul Heinbecker - Plenty of credit to go around in Gadhafi's fall 23 August 2011
Lloyd Axworthy - In Libya, we move towards a more humane world 23 August 2011
Kyle Matthews - Ottawa Citizen:Obama is upstaging Canada on the human rights front 14 August 2011
UN News - Mass rapes in DR Congo could be crimes against humanity 5 July 2011
Jennifer Welsh - Canadian International Council: Libya and R2P 22 June 2011
David Sullivan and John Prendergast - It’s time for action on Sudan 22 June 2011
Dr. Kwame Akonor - The African Union’s mistake of policy and principle 9 June 2011
UN News Service - UN appointed probe finds serious rights abuses after elections 9 June 2011
UN News - Mladic Arrest Shows Ending Impunity Requires United Action – UN Prosecutor 31 May 2011
BBC News - Kenya: ICC Rejects Kenya bid to Halt Election Violence Probe 29 May 2011
Financial Times - How We Dined with Mladic and Failed our Duty 25 May 2011
UN News - UN demands halt to fighting and immediate troop withdrawal from Abyei 21 May 2011
Reuters - ICC Prosecutor applies to investigate Ivory Coast violence 19 May 2011
The Economist - The Responsibility to Protect: The Lessons of Libya 18 May 2011 - West has Taken Sides in Libyan Civil War – Says Annan 17 May 2011
Sudan Tribune - UNAMID moves to probe reports of airstrikes in north Darfur village 17 May 2011
Human Rights Watch - Syria: Targeted Arrests of Activists Across Country 14 May 2011
Alexander Bellamy, Griffith University - On the Limits of Moral Hazard: the Responsibility to Protect, Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities 11 May 2011
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Durable political solution key to development in post-conflict Sri Lanka Ban 29 May 2009
End Burmas System of Impunity 29 May 2009
U.N. Official Urges Probe of Sri Lanka, Rebels 29 May 2009
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Conviction of ex-Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori sets precedent--Peru conviction is message to dictators everywhere 8 April 2009
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Send Special UN envoy to Sri Lanka, urges Canadian opposition leader Michael Ignatieff 27 March 2009
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Ramesh Thakur -- Should the UN Invoke the 'Responsibility to Protect?' 8 May 2008
Ramesh Thakur: Should the UN Invoke the 'Responsibility to Protect'? 7 May 2008
Myanmar Faces Pressure to Allow Major Aid Effort 7 May 2008
France Suggests Helping Myanmar without Government Backing 7 May 2008
France Suggests Helping Myanmar without Government Backing 7 May 2008
Decision Day for Zimbabwe 29 April 2008
Africa: Joint Regional Security Efforts Face Tough Challenges 27 April 2008
Darfur JEM Condemns Pressures on Displaced over Sudan's Census 25 April 2008
Zimbabwe Crisis Shines New Light on Arms Trade 24 April 2008
Gareth Evans: Peace 'A Responsibility for All' 23 April 2008
The Pope at the UN: Sensible Words Devoid of Hot Air 21 April 2008
Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF Sets up 'Torture Camps' 19 April 2008
Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the UN General Assembly 18 April 2008
ZANU-PF Plans Wide-Scale Attack in Zimbabwe's Rural Area 10 April 2008
Zimbabwe: World Has Responsibility to Protect 9 April 2008
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights -- Working to Prevent Genocide 8 April 2008
United Nations Has Moral Duty to Act on Lessons of Rwanda, Says Secretary-General in Message to Mark Fourteenth Anniversary of 1994 Genocide 4 April 2008
MacArthur Foundation Awards Kofi Annan for Developing the Principle of R2P 28 March 2008
MacArthur Foundation Awards Kofi Annan for Developing the Principle of R2P 21 March 2008
Annan: 'Hypocrisy' in Global Response to Darfur 21 March 2008
Annan Plays Down Suggestions He Could Mediate Darfur 20 March 2008
EU Turns up Heat on China over Darfur Crisis and Divest from PetroChina 18 March 2008
African Genocide Averted 3 March 2008
Scorched-Earth Strategy Returns to Darfur 2 March 2008
Africa's Next Slaughter 2 March 2008
Failure to Protect: International Response to Darfur Genocide 28 February 2008
New International Crisis Group Report: "Sri Lanka's Return to War: Limiting the Damage" 26 February 2008
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Spielberg Quits as Adviser to Olympics over Darfur 26 February 2008
Joint Statement on the Crisis in Chad 26 February 2008
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The Blame Games 26 February 2008
Spielberg Quits as Adviser to Olympics over Darfur 26 February 2008
Joint Statement on the Crisis in Chad 26 February 2008
Taking the Responsibility to Protect 21 February 2008
The World Cannot Stand by as Kenya Burns 4 February 2008
Odinga Urges Peacekeepers for Kenya 3 February 2008
Secretary-General, Addressing African Union Summit, Underlines Kenyan Leaders Responsibility to Resolve Sources of Conflict Peacefully 31 January 2008
Kenya: UN genocide adviser urges end to violence in Kenya, sends staffer there 28 January 2008
Annan points to "gross and systematic abuse" in Kenya 26 January 2008
Aid Darfur's Outgunned Defenders 4 January 2008
Waiting for Peacekeeping Muscle in Darfur 30 December 2007
Reality Check on Darfur 23 December 2007
News Update: Ed Luck Named Special Advisor for R2P 12 December 2007
Appointment Confirmed of UN Special Advisor on Responsibility to Protect 11 December 2007
We Can Live Up to the Responsibility to Protect 8 December 2007
UN Committee Approves Myanmar Resolution 6 December 2007
Darfur Debated 3 December 2007
Broad Group of NGOs Urge Congressional Support For Peacekeeping 1 December 2007
news 30 November 2007
UN Intervention in Sri Lanka - A Distinct Possibility? 30 November 2007
UN Special Representative on Somalia to Talk With NGOs on Responsibility to Protect 13 November 2007
Albright and Cohen to Co-Chair Genocide Prevention Task Force 11 November 2007
Somalia: International NGOs Cannot Adequately Respond to the Unfolding Humanitarian Catastrophe 31 October 2007
Sudan: Cease Darfur Camp Evictions 31 October 2007
Monks in Burma March For First Time Since Crackdown 31 October 2007
America Must Do More to End Myanmar Misery 26 October 2007
Canada Urged to Take Action on Darfur Genocide 25 October 2007
DRC Violence Concens Ban 25 October 2007
Will Olympic Torch Light Way to Changes in China? 21 October 2007
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Canada Failing Responsibility to Protect Says Dallaire 13 October 2007
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Mia Farrow Front and Centre in Darfur Documentary by Canadian Journalist 8 October 2007
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What Can Be Done About Burma 3 October 2007
Burmese Nationals in Dhaka Protest Killing in Burma 2 October 2007
APEC and Human Security - A Work in Progress? 1 October 2007
Burmese Police Fire Into Crowds 28 September 2007
Security Council Fails to Act on Burma 27 September 2007
Burma Imposes Curfew 26 September 2007
Lithuania's Leader Urges International Community To Fulfill Pledge To Protect Civilians From Rights Violations 26 September 2007
UN Body Split on Response to Violence in Myanmar 26 September 2007
Sri Lanka : What esponsibility to Protect Means for Tamils 13 September 2007
Darfur: Don't Look Away Now 10 September 2007
Hope in Darfur 3 August 2007
No Time to Take the Pressure Off: A Proposed UN Force in Darfur 2 August 2007
Canada, R2P, and the 2010 G-8 Summit 1 August 2007
Security Council Adopts Resolution 1769 on Sudan 31 July 2007
Biden/Lugar Introduce Resolution Calling for Immediate Deployment of UN Peacekeepers to Darfur 20 July 2007
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Paul D. Williams -- The African Union's Emerging Security Culture: Options for U.S. Policymakers 13 July 2007
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Darfur and the European Union's Responsibility to Protect 25 June 2007
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Africans Urged to Underpin 'Responsibility to Protect' in the Continent 11 June 2007
Gareth Evans and Donald Steinberg -- China and Darfur: "Signs of Transition" 11 June 2007
MEPS and Nobel Prize Laureates Condemn Lack of International Action in Darfur 5 June 2007
General Romeo Dallaire -- "How Many Times Must We Say Never Again?" 1 June 2007
Council on Foreign Relations -- Somalia Slipping Away 29 May 2007
Secretary-General Appoints Francis Deng as Special Advisor 29 May 2007
High Commissioner for Human Rights Calls for Probe of Involvement of Sudan Forces in Recent Attacks in South Darfur 18 May 2007
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Identifies R2P as a Priority 16 May 2007
Refugees International -- Burma: Military Offensive Displacing Thousands of Civilians 16 May 2007
Nicholas D. Kristof -- Save the Darfur Puppy 10 May 2007
Darfur a 'Genocide by Attrition,' Cotler Says 10 May 2007
Peacekeepers Must Do More Than Watch 5 May 2007
Sudan Ok's Darfur Peacekeepers, UN Initiative Aims to Boost AU Force 17 April 2007
From Rwanda to Darfur: "Never Again" or "Never Say Never Again?" 7 April 2007
Fleeing the Janjaweed:; A People Brutalised and Betrayed 24 March 2007
All-Female Unit Keeps Peace in Liberia 21 March 2007
UN Official Urges Sudan to Cooperate with ICC 11 March 2007
Burma and the Competence of the UN Security Council 8 March 2007
The High-Level Mission on the situation of human rights in Darfur 7 March 2007
Security Council stresses importance of womens equal participation, full involvement in efforts to maintain peace, security 7 March 2007
UN Reform to be Piloted in Pakistan 1 March 2007
Delegates in Special Peacekeeping Committee Agree on Importance of Systematic, Structural Responses to New Challenges 27 February 2007
Protecting Civilians in Sudan: How Far Can a "Sovereign" State Go? 21 February 2007
Security Sector Reform in Post-Conflict States Critical to Consolidating Peace; Report Needed Aimed at Improving UN Effectiveness, Security Council Says 20 February 2007
European Parliament Resolution on the Situation in Darfur 15 February 2007
Gareth Evans--Making Idealism Realistic: The Responsibility to Protect As a New Global Security Norm 7 February 2007
Bans First U.N. Test--Darfur 16 January 2007
Double veto for Burma resolution 14 January 2007
Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Burma 13 January 2007
United States submits Burma resolution to U.N. Security Council 10 January 2007
Illinois Adopts Historic Resolution in Support of R2P 9 January 2007
Remarks of Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to Security Council 8 January 2007
Washington College of Law -- Ensuring a Responsibility to Protect: Lessons from Darfur 1 January 2007
R2P hailed as one of U.N.s Greatest Achievements Under Kofi Annans Leadership 1 January 2007
Viet Nam leads the way on UN reform 18 December 2006
Kofi Annan: What I've Learned 11 December 2006
Women Demand End to Darfur Rapes 10 December 2006
Gareth Evans--The Responsibility to Protect: From an Idea to an International Norm 15 November 2006
The Reform of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC): A Never-Ending Story? 14 November 2006
Turn North Korea Into A Human Rights Issue 30 October 2006
Secretary-General's Message In Honor of UN Day 24 October 2006
The AU's Responsibility to Protect 6 October 2006
We Saved Europeans. Why Not Africans? 2 October 2006
Darfur: The International Community's Failure To Protect 30 September 2006
21 September News Update 21 September 2006
The 'Responsibility to Protect' Darfuris 21 September 2006
City of Chicago Adopts Responsibility to Protect Resolution 13 September 2006
The Responsibility to Protect: from Document to Doctrine -But what of Implementation? 11 September 2006 --Op-ed: Empty promises for Darfur, Ann-Louise Colgan,co-executive director of Africa Action 10 August 2006
Reform or Counterrevolution at the UN? 7 August 2006
Nicholas Kristoff and John Prendergast discuss the genocide crisis in Darfur 18 May 2006
Interview of Robert B. Zoellick, Deputy Secretary of State by Mina Al-Oraibi of Asharq Al Awsat 17 May 2006
A flawed peace pact 15 May 2006
Annan establishes prominent advisory group on genocide prevention 3 May 2006
UN: Nations Refuse to Stop Genocide 8 April 2006
On remembrance day for Rwandas genocide victims, UN urges action on Darfur 7 April 2006
General Assembly Establishes New Human Rights Council by Vote of 170 in Favour to 4 Against, with 3 Abstentions 27 March 2006
Annan pushes Bush on US troops for UN Darfur force 15 March 2006
28 Days to Save Darfur 15 March 2006
Situation deteriorating in Darfur 15 March 2006
UN calls for fast moving peacekeeping force for Sudan 15 March 2006
Darfur is the proof that we are failing Africa 15 March 2006
Slovenian president promotes Darfur peace initiative 15 March 2006
Bush, Congress Should Take Action to Try to End Genocide in Darfur 15 March 2006
UN warns of growing catastrophe in Sudan The international community's efforts to stem 'horrendous crimes' in the Darfur region are not working. 15 March 2006
World failing Darfur, Annan says: UN secretary-general disturbed by mounting violence against civilians 15 March 2006
U.N. disappointed in Sudan's Darfur effort 15 March 2006
Darfur and Northern Uganda Shrugging at genocide 15 March 2006
Protecting the vulnerable: the World Summit took a first step 15 March 2006
UK Ministers Agree a UK National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security 8 March 2006
Human rights: A needed UN reform 3 March 2006
UN Expert Says Action Needed to Prevent Genocide in Several African Countries 27 January 2006
Sudans special court on Darfur crimes not satisfactory, UN genocide expert says 16 December 2005
Iraq and the Responsibility to Protect 1 December 2005
Rights and Responsibilities: The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention 1 December 2005
Darfur rebels say attack town, demand seat at talks 29 November 2005
What's to Be Done About Darfur? Plenty 29 November 2005
Darfur rebels pledge unity to break talks deadlock 28 November 2005
In Mexico, women's advocates make slow but steady gains against violence 28 November 2005
A Tolerable Genocide 27 November 2005
UN calls for strong action to eliminate violence against women 25 November 2005
Interview with UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women 24 November 2005
WHO Says Domestic Violence Against Women is Widespread, Worldwide 24 November 2005
Sudan's Department of Gang Rape 22 November 2005
Never Again, Again? 20 November 2005
Women decry impunity for rape in Darfur 18 November 2005
Waiting for Their Moment in the Worst Place on Earth to be a Woman-These are The Women I've Known All My Life 16 November 2005
Sudan should focus on peace accord and human rights, UN expert says 31 October 2005
Darfur Is In Peril 25 October 2005
Why Wait on Darfur? 24 October 2005
Darfur Agony Goes On As The UN Fails To Act 22 October 2005
SUDAN: AU to refer Darfur situation to UN Security Council 17 October 2005
Situation in Darfur, Sudan is worsening, UN genocide expert warns 13 October 2005
Faith-based Groups Tell Deputy Secretary of State, Congress: U.S. Has 'Moral Duty' to Stop Genocide Against Civilians in Darfur 13 October 2005
Fresh Fighting in Sudan's Darfur Region Threatens 33,000 People 13 October 2005
UN 'must never again be found wanting on genocide' The 'right to protect' - intervention to stop mass murder - may well be the summit's lasting legacy 10 October 2005
Situation in Darfur, Sudan is worsening, UN genocide expert warns 10 October 2005
A Wimp on Genocide 10 October 2005
Protect the people; United Nations takes bold stance 27 September 2005
'Culture of impunity' in Darfur 26 September 2005
A new way of doing the world's business 24 September 2005
A Wimp on Genocide 18 September 2005
Ray of hope at UN 18 September 2005
Dilemma of UN's 'responsibility to protect' firmly back on the agenda 15 September 2005
U.N. General Assembly agrees on watered-down document for world leaders to approve 14 September 2005
The United Nations missed opportunity 13 September 2005
Keep United Nations Reform on Track 12 September 2005
When states fail to protect their own, the United Nations must act 11 September 2005
U.S. tries to water down UN 'right to protection' reform; Global summit wants to add muscle to protect world's most vulnerable people 8 September 2005
Disagreement on genocide and disarmament hinders mandate for 21st century 8 September 2005
Crunch Time for UN Reform; the Upcoming UN Summit 6 September 2005
India, U.S., Russia and Brazil are urged to back moves against genocide at U.N. 29 August 2005
U.S. Demands Spur Crisis Talks at U.N. 27 August 2005
Bolton: U.S. Sets Sights on U.N. Reform 26 August 2005
GA Discusses Participants and Methodology for Upcoming Negotiations 26 August 2005
UN on Precipice of Critical Reform ... or Irrelevance 16 August 2005
Call to Back UN Genocide Reform: Oxfam... 13 August 2005
Exactly 142 days after Bush said the word "Darfur," he added a more important word: "genocide." But does the policy match the sentiment? 25 July 2005
Sticking point is ban on nuclear engines, not weapons 22 July 2005
Rice Visits Darfur Camp, Pressures Sudan 22 July 2005
Sudan Apologises After Scuffles Mar Rice Visit 22 July 2005
Darfur Rebels Running Out of Targets 22 July 2005
Violence Drops in Sudan's Darfur Region But Rape and Intimidation Persist, Annan says 21 July 2005
Might really can be right 18 July 2005
Letters to the Editor: Taking the Blame 17 July 2005
Irans Foreign Minister Condemns Terrorism in all Forms 17 July 2005
Letters to the Editor: Taking the Blame 16 July 2005
in Darfur; How Much Suffering Before the World Takes Action 15 July 2005
Apology for failure to protect Srebrenica 14 July 2005
Weekend Prayer Event Puts Renewed Focus on Darfur 14 July 2005
Liberia: 'Leaders Are Not There to Form a Privileged Group,' UNHCR Chief Tells Ex-Combatants 12 July 2005
Minister Counselor for Political Affairs Comments on Conflict Prevention, Recovery 12 July 2005
Annan Urges UN Council to Actively Prevent Humanitarian Crises 12 July 2005
There's plenty of blame for us all; Srebrenica, 10 years later 12 July 2005
Walter Russell Mead discusses lessons of the Srebrenica massacre 11 July 2005
'May we all learn and act on the lessons of Srebrenica', says Secretary-General, in message to anniversary ceremony 11 July 2005
Former ministers urge G8 to back United Nations reform 8 July 2005
G8 Congratulates African Union on Work in Darfur 8 July 2005
Call for clarity on UN's 'duty to protect' 7 July 2005
Sudan Nears 'Milestone' in Peace Plan 7 July 2005
Irish Expert to Help Identify Darfur Death Perpetrators 7 July 2005
Potential for better . . . or worse? 6 July 2005
Americans Grasp Crisis in Sudan 6 July 2005
Iranian president says UN reform should guarantee collective decision making 2 July 2005
Civil War and Communal Conflict; Africans Back U.N. Intervention for Serious Abuses 29 June 2005
U.S. Commission Urges Immediate Steps on Darfur 15 June 2005
Darfur: The Question of Genocide 6 June 2005
Use of Force and the Responsibility to Protect 1 June 2005
The Test of Humanity 1 June 2005
Repeating Clinton's Mistakes, U.S. Response to the Crisis in Darfur 3 May 2005
African Union leaders agree to more than triple peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur region 28 April 2005
For a Real Commission on Human Rights 27 April 2005
Proposed UN reforms would improve performance, Annan says 23 April 2005
UN: Unique opportunity to make world freer, fairer, safer `must not be missed', says Secretary-General in remarks to finance officals in Washington 19 April 2005
Who can bring peace to Sudan? 18 April 2005
Jeff Carr, Joe Perkins and E.R. Shipp discuss overhauling the United Nations 18 April 2005
Humanitarian Intervention In Darfur? 17 April 2005
Billions of Promises to Keep 13 April 2005
Lessons from Rwanda: A Record of Shame 12 April 2005
Reformed UN could be even more effective in preventing global threats 12 April 2005
Doing Better by Darfur 11 April 2005
For the U.N., it's change or perish 9 April 2005
Back Annan's call for a new human rights body 9 April 2005
A crucial task for Europe and the U.S.: UN reform I 9 April 2005
Time ripe for reform 8 April 2005
End This African Horror Story 7 April 2005
U.N. should work better to secure global peace 6 April 2005
September Summit 6 April 2005
Annan's blueprint for sweeping U.N. change criticized by developing countries 6 April 2005
Dutch Minister Says Sudanese Police Not Protecting Civilians in Darfur 3 April 2005
UN: Security Council Refers Situation in Darfur, Sudan, to Prosecutor of International Criminal Court 1 April 2005
Protect Darfur Campaign Applauds Historic UN Security Council Referral to the ICC 1 April 2005
Darfur Death Toll at Least 300,000, British MPs Say 30 March 2005
Britain and the World were too Slow over Darfur Crisis, MPs Say 30 March 2005
Security Council Tightens Sudan Embargo 29 March 2005
Love at Second Sight; America and the United Nations 26 March 2005
Kofi Annan's Reform Plan; The United Nations 26 March 2005
With American Support, A 'Chance For U.N. Reform' 24 March 2005
New Zealand Welcomes UN Report on Reform 22 March 2005
Germany Welcomes Annan's Proposals for UN Reform 22 March 2005
Chile Backs Annans Vision For U.N. Reform 22 March 2005
Annan Touts U.N. Reform Plans as Package Deal 22 March 2005
Politics: Annan's Plan For Reform Has U.S. Fingerprints On It 21 March 2005
Military Means Not Single Tool In Anti-Terrorism Struggle 12 March 2005
Concerned at ppalling State of Darfur, Annan Urges Security Council to Beef up Force 7 March 2005
Action is needed to resolve the Darfur crisis 7 March 2005
UN: 25 Million Civilians Displaced by War are Unprotected 6 March 2005
Civil Society Has Role to Play in Conflict Prevention 4 March 2005
The Unwelcome Visitor 2 March 2005
Reshaping the Concept of Shared Responsibility for Global Security 1 March 2005
AU Mission In Darfur Understaffed, Under Funded And Ill Equipped, Says OXFAM 28 February 2005
Rape As a Weapon 22 February 2005
Sudan; Security Council President Vows 'No Impunity' for War Crimes in Darfur 2 February 2005
Frechette urges Major UN Reforms 1 February 2005
Sudan Guilty of Widespread Abuses in Darfur but not Genocide, U.N. Panel 31 January 2005
Time to Act on Genocide 24 January 2005
Rocky road ahead for U.N. 8 January 2005
Resort to the G word takes place of action in Darfur 5 January 2005
The Responsibility To Protect and the Crisis in Darfur 1 January 2005
UN reports improvement in Cte d'Ivoire conflict with hate messages ending 16 November 2004
Special UN adviser on genocide warns of ethnic hate messages in Cte d'Ivoire 15 November 2004
UN Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace, and Security 28 October 2004
Break Through to Darfur: Combine leverage, internationalism and aid to stop the killing in Sudan 2 June 2004

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