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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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A Dutch minister said Sunday after a visit to Darfur that the Sudanese police was not fulfilling its commitment to protect civilians in the war-torn region.

"I am disappointed about the way the civil police are behaving. They are not taking up their responsibility," said Development and Cooperation Minister Agnes Van Ardenne.

"They should respect human rights, they should also promote and carry out the rule of law and, for instance, protect the women who are going outside the IDP (internally displaced people) camps to fetch water or collect firewood," she told reporters here.

According to the United Nations, some two million people have been displaced since a deadly civil war between rebels complaining of marginalisation and pro-government forces broke out in Darfur in February 2003.

"The civil police should be trained, should be monitored for what they are doing, should be equipped and they should also be instructed on the way they should behave," she said

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