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Foreign Office Minister for Africa, Lord Triesman, has condemned the killing of two African Union soldiers, and two civilian contractors, in an attack in Darfur, Sudan, on October 8.

The attack on the AU's African Mission in Sudan (AMIS) personnel took place while Lord Triesman was visiting Sudan as the head of an EU delegation, which included the European Council's High Representative for Sudan, Javier Solana. Lord Triesman and his European colleagues raised the incident with the Sudanese government in the strongest terms.

Commenting on the attack, and referring to the EU Presidency statement the Minister said:

"This was an appalling attack and I join with many others in thoroughly condemning it. The targeting of AMIS personnel is completely unacceptable. They are working to protect civilians and to maintain security in Darfur. They must receive the full cooperation of all sides. I met many AMIS personnel when visiting Darfur only two days before this dreadful attack. They deserve our admiration as well as our full support."

Lord Triesman added: "Those responsible for this act, and those committing attacks on civilians in Darfur, must be brought to justice. It is also vital that the Sudanese government facilitates the deployment of equipment necessary to improve the effectiveness of the AMIS operation. Together with my EU colleagues I made these points clear to the Sudanese government during the EU-Sudan Ministerial talks in Khartoum on October 8."

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