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Sudan Tribune
18 March 2008

(...) The European parliament took an unprecedented step to sanction China over its unwillingness to pressure Sudan to halt violence in Darfur.

The Independent newspaper reported that the EU divested the shares it owned in Chinese oil giant PetroChina.

The latest move by the EU will likely worry policymakers in Beijing who are desperately trying to contain growing criticism for shielding Khartoum from sanctions in the UN Security Council.

(...) Glenys Kinnock, who led the campaign among members of the parliament said that "the sale of the stockholdings in PetroChina sends a very clear signal that the European Parliament abhors that company's links with a regime which does little to end the violent conflict in Darfur".

(...) A divestment campaign from companies that has financial dealings with Sudan has been launched in different parts of the world particularly in the US.

Last December US president George Bush signed into a law a bill overwhelmingly endorsed by the Congress to support divestment activities in Sudan. (...)

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