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Sue Montgomery
CanWest News Service
13 October 2007

Canada should take a leading role in bringing the ongoing slaughter of millions of civilians in the Darfur region of Sudan to an end, Senator Romeo Dallaire said Saturday.

Dallaire, a retired Canadian Forces general who commanded the United Nations peacekeeping force in Rwanda during the Tutsi genocide in 1994, said Ottawa has shown no willingness to uphold the "responsibility to protect" the doctrine which it came up with and convinced the United Nations to accept in 2005.

"Canada loves its reputation but is not willing to pay the price," he said in an interview at a conference on the prevention of genocide.

() "What message does silence bring to the victims in Darfur, what message does the silence bring to the perpetrators?" he said. "People need our help and attention now."

() The Sudanese government has steadfastly rejected the full deployment of a proposed African Union-United Nations protection force to Darfur, and impedes efforts to protect civilians being raped and killed."I'm still in awe in the most pejorative way of how we're being fiddled with by an astute, foxy and genocidal regime in Sudan," Dallaire said. "What you have is the Sudanese applying all kinds of problems that ultimately will render a force ineffective."

The ICC issued an arrest warrant in April for Sudan's Minister of State for Humanitarian Affairs, Ahmed Haroun, who is believed to have participated in official meetings in Darfur where he allegedly incited "Janjaweed" militia and army forces to attack specific ethnic groups. There is also a warrant for the arrest of "Janjaweed" militia leader Ali Mohammed Ali.

But the warrants have yet to be served and that will only be done if pressure is brought down on the Sudanese government to arrest the men, Moreno-Ocampo said.

() The West also has to push China, whom Dallaire called the "vultures of Africa" and other countries with influence in Khartoum, to stop the slaughter.

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