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UNA-UK: Statement on the Ongoing Instability in Syria
United Nations Association—United Kingdom
29 August 2013
The United Nations Association—UK (UNA-UK) condemns utterly the use of chemical weapons by any party within Syria. UNA-UK also condemns any targeting of civilians or any reckless action whereby civilians are put at risk of injury or death.

All parties to the conflict should act with restraint and the Syrian administration should be mindful that it has the primary responsibility to protect all populations within its state boundaries. Should any party be found culpable for the most recent chemical attacks where civilians have been injured or killed – and to this end, we urge that sufficient time is allowed for UN weapons inspectors to carry out thorough assessments – UNA-UK urges the international community to work through the United Nations to bring the perpetrators to justice and deter any future usage of such weapons.
Any potential action should, where possible, be mandated by the UN Security Council and be supported by regional organisations, including the League of Arab States. We iterate that the Security Council of the United Nations must uphold its responsibilities under Chapters VI and VII of the UN Charter. Should military or non-military intervention by the international community be deemed appropriate, any mandate for action should be proportionate, have a transparent purpose and end-point, and it should not further endanger civilian lives.
Furthermore, UNA-UK urges the international community to move with all speed to encourage all parties to the conflict to engage in diplomatic discussions, with the ultimate aim of bringing about a ceasefire and establishing peace negotiations as soon as possible.
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