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Social Media Reporting and the Syrian Civil War
Anand Varghese, United States Institute for Peace
June 2013
The following peace brief, written by Anand Varghese, senior program specialist at the Center of Innovation for Science, Technology & Peacebuilding at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), is based off on an experts meeting on Syrian social media reports co-hosted by USIP in April 17th 2013 at Stanford University:
The lack of traditional reporting and verifiable journalistic reports about the ongoing conflict in Syria have led to an increased dependence on social media as a source of news. (…)
The large amounts of social media data emerging from conflict zones like Syria and the new data analysis tools have the potential to help overcome these distortions.
Despite this enthusiasm, a number of conceptual and practical hurdles remain before these tools can create reliable predictive models of conflict dynamics. (…)

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