Secretary-General expressing ‘gravest concern’, urges all sides in Syrian conflict to avoid civilian casualties
The Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General
1 June 2013
On 1 June 2013, the Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released the following statement on the situation in Syria:
The Secretary-General is following with the gravest concern the situation in Qusayr, Syria (…).
He urges all sides to do their utmost to avoid civilian casualties.  He also reminds the Government of its responsibility to protect civilians who come under its control, including from the threat of militias.  He calls on the warring parties to allow trapped civilians to escape the town.

As preparations for an international conference on Syria intensify, he reminds all parties (…) that they will be held accountable for any acts of atrocity carried out against the civilian population of Qusayr.
Read the Secretary-General’s full statement.