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10 Steps to a Peaceful Syria 
Irwin Cotler
Huffington Post
24 August 2012
Irwin Cotler is a Professor of Law (Emeritus) at McGill University and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.
(…) In Libya, the UN Security Council invoked the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine -- the international law principle authorizing international collective action "to protect [a state's] population from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity" if the state where these crimes are being committed is unable or unwilling to protect its citizens -- or worse, as in the case of Syria, it is the author of such crimes. In Syria, it is as if this principle had never been adopted by the international community, let alone the obligation to implement it. (…)
(…) What is so necessary now (…) is for the United States, in concert with the EU, the Arab League, Turkey, Canada, and other "Friends of Syria" to move to implement the following measures with all deliberate speed:
First, protection against the threat of weapons of mass destruction (…)
Second, it is necessary to interdict and sanction the substantial Iranian and Hezbollah military assistance to the Syrian regime (…)
Third, enhanced support for the besieged opposition (…)
Fourth, safe havens must be established. (…)
Fifth, such safe havens, which are necessary for Aleppo, are no less crucial for Syria as a whole (…)
Sixth, it is necessary that the United States -- together with Arab, Turkish, European, and other allies -- work to unify the patchwork Syrian opposition (…)
Seventh, the Syrian political and army leadership must be put on notice that they will be held accountable for their grave violations of international law (…)
Eighth, the international community must protect against the risk of rising sectarian violence (…)
Ninth, there needs to be the mandated deployment of a large international Arab-led peace protection force in Syria (…)
Tenth, there is a clear and compelling need for enhanced humanitarian assistance arising from the exponential increase in internally displaced people within Syria (…)
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Read his article published in the Edmonton Journal on  24 August, "World must aid Syria now".

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