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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Message by President Herman Van Rompuy to the Paris Conference on Libya
European Council
1 September 2011
(…) Reconciliation and transition must be a Libyan-led process. We all know that the transition would neither be easy nor quick. The international community needs to assist, with the leadership and co-ordination of the UN. As we subscribed to the "responsibility to protect", we should similarly subscribe to the "responsibility to assist" Libya in building itself. We were, we are and we will be on your side in facing these tremendous challenges.
The EU is ready to help this process. Our political commitment enjoys the support of our publics as well. To preserve and strengthen this support the transition should be inclusive, respectful of rule of law and human rights, including those of people of sub-Saharan origin who are living in Libya, and honour commitments made to the International Criminal Court in dealing with Kaddafi.
On reconstruction - I have received your letter Prime Minister Jibril - and I agree that the time has come to let Libya's fortunes return to the Libyan people. Today the EU has lifted the autonomous freeze on the financial assets and economic resources of 28 Libyan entities, which include six Port Authorities, several companies in the oil and gas sectors as well as several banks. And we are ready to immediately implement the UN decisions on unfreezing and lifting sanctions as soon as the United Nations will have decided so.
The EU is ready to extend its help to Libya's reconstruction. (…)
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