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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Debates backs NATO role in LIbya
Gulf Times
Peter Townsend
19 April 2011
An audience at the Doha Debates yesterday gave a vote of confidence to Nato’s efforts to protect the Libyan people by rejecting the motion ‘This House believes that Arabs, not Nato, should be dealing with Libya,’ with a vote of 55% to 45%.(…)
(…)First to speak for the motion was deputy secretary general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, Mohamed Ali Abdalla, who argued that the revolutionary tendencies apparent in the Arab world at the current time should have served as a platform for a regional revolution.(…)
(…) “This is a new era,” he said, arguing that Arab leaders should have embraced the changes to assume a leading role in the intervention.
His arguments were countered by the president of the American-Libyan Council, Fadel Lamen, who said that the Arab world was simply incapable of assuming a leading role in the crisis.
Instead, he proposed that through participation in the combined efforts, the region’s countries will gain the experience critical to them taking on leadership in the future.
And he pointed out that the atrocities being committed in Libya required an international reaction.
“The responsibility to protect the people of Libya is not just for the Arab people,” he said, arguing that the burden should fall upon all the people of the world to protect the basic rights of fellow human beings.

Paul Salem, founder of the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies and director of the Carnegie Middle East Centre, was next to speak for the motion, and he suggested that while the international community has a role to play in the conflict, it should be Arab states leading the efforts. (…)

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