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The outcome of the Council of the League of Arab States meeting at the Ministerial level
in its extraordinary session on: The implications of the current events in Libya and the Arab position
Cairo, March 12, 2011
(…) Decides:
1.To call on the Security Council to bear its responsibilities towards the deteriorating
situation in Libya, and to take the necessary measures to impose immediately a no-fly zone on
Libyan military aviation, and to establish safe areas in places exposed to shelling as a
precautionary measure that allows the protection of the Libyan people and foreign nationals
residing in Libya, while respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighboring States,
2.To cooperate and communicate with the Transitional National Council of Libya and to
provide the Libyan people with urgent and continuing support as well as the necessary protection
from the serious violations and grave crimes committed by the Libyan authorities, which have
consequently lost their legitimacy,
3.To reiterate the call on Member States, friendly countries, international organizations and
Arab and international civil society to provide support and urgent humanitarian assistance to the
Libyan people during this critical period of their history through various channels, and to express
its thanks to the countries and entities that are providing such emergency assistance, as well as to
countries that are contributing to the evacuation of Arab citizens wishing to leave Libya,
4.To continue to coordinate with the United Nations, African Union, the Organization of
Islamic Conference, as well as the European Union on the situation in Libya. (…)

See full decision here.

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