Libya: Governments Should Demand End to Unlawful Killings

Human Rights Watch
20 February 2011
The estimated death toll from four days of protests in cities across Libya has risen to at least 233 according to information from hospital sources in Libya, Human Rights Watch said today. From Benghazi, staff at Al Jalaa hospital said they recorded 50 dead on February 20, 2011, while the 7 October hospital reported another 10 dead the same day, giving a total of 60 killed in Benghazi on February 20. This raises the overall death toll from protests in five Libyan cities to 233 since February 17. Human Rights Watch was unable to contact two other hospitals in Benghazi. (…)
(…) Human Rights Watch calls on the African Union, the European Union, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other governments with ties to Libya to:
♦ Publicly demand an end to unlawful use of force against peaceful protesters;
♦ Announce that those responsible for serious violations of international human rights law must be held individually accountable and will be subjected to appropriate measures;
♦ Impose an embargo on all exports of arms and security equipment to Libya; and
♦ Tell Libya to restore access to the internet. (…)
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