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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Human Rights Update: August 2014
The Sudan Consortium, African and International Civil Society Action for Sudan
Attacks on civilians in opposition held areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile continued in July and August 2014, with five incidents reported in July and eight in August. The attacks killed two people, injured five, killed 60 animals and damaged property and crops.
Refugees from Blue Nile in camps in Maban County, South Sudan were caught up in renewed violence, which caused aid disruptions and widespread fear in the camps.
Although the number of attacks in July and August was substantially lower than those experienced in June, the number is similar to those experienced during these months in previous years of the conflict (see graphs on page 3). Thus it would appear that this is a seasonal lull in the attacks, rather than a fundamental shift in the dynamics of the conflict. (…)
The relentless bombing of civilian targets is wearing away the capacity of civilians to survive. The bombings sow fear among the civilian population and discourage them from tending their fields. The attacks, combined with the deaths of livestock and destruction of crops on which the population depend to survive along with the obstruction of humanitarian assistance, appears to be a deliberate tactic to force the population to flee.
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