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South Sudan Ethnic Violence Exposes Key Challenges for Implementing RtoP
ICRtoP blog
2 February 2012

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Inter-ethnic violence has gripped the Jonglei State of the Republic of South Sudan in recent weeks, threatening a descent into campaigns of targeted ethnic cleansing in the world’s newest nation. (...)
Despite launching a coordinated aid effort in Jonglei on 7 January, the UN stated on 20 January that over 120,000 civilians in South Sudan remained in need of aid. (…)
Government of South Sudan, UNMISS Respond to the Violence
(...) Viewed through an RtoP lens, the GoSS’s actions can seen as an attempt to uphold the first pillar of the responsibility to protect, namely the primary responsibility of the state to protect its citizens from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.
Situation Exposes Key Challenges in Implementing RtoP
(…) The ethnic violence in the country has thus exposed significant challenges in implementing the Responsibility to Protect. With the GoSS unable to uphold its responsibility to protect its population without international assistance, UNMISS sought to support national action through preventive deployment, fulfilling RtoP’s second pillar. (…)

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