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New Visual Evidence of Government of Sudan War Crimes in Abyei

Enough Project
29 May 2011
(…) The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released new visual evidence that the Government of Sudan has committed grave violations of the Geneva Conventions and other war crimes, some of which may also constitute crimes against humanity. The totality of evidence from satellites and ground sources points to state-sponsored ethnic cleansing of much of the contested Abyei region, says SSP. The evidence is being conveyed to the International Criminal Court and the UN Security Council. (…)
(…) SSP's recent imagery and reporting documents the destruction, and confirms the positioning in Abyei town of at least 10 Sudan Armed Forces main battle tanks, mobile artillery, heavy equipment transports, infantry fighting vehicles and trucks capable of rapid forward deployment, in addition to other assets within striking distance.
"Harvard Humanitarian Initiative's analysis of international humanitarian law has concluded, based on DigitalGlobe satellite imagery, that gross violations of the Geneva Conventions and other other laws of war have been perpetrated by the Government of Sudan," said Harvard Carr Center Executive Director Charlie Clements, MD. "Tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced. Approximately one-third of all civilian structures in Abyei town have been razed. The Sudan Armed Forces used disproportionate force and indiscriminately targeted civilians." (…)
See SSP report on Abyei.

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