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Sudan Before the Split
Genocide Alert
David Dagan, Christoph Schlimpert, Sarah Brockmeier
Genocide Alert Policy
(…) The revolution in Egypt brought down a dictator and spurred hopes for democracy, while
Libya’s uprising brought on a civil war in which the West is now intervening to protect
civilians. Sudan borders both of these countries, and in some sense it also borders both of
these political scenarios. Civilians there face grave dangers that have only grown with the
convulsions seizing the region. Fortunately, the January referendum in which South Sudan
chose to separate from the north was largely peaceful. But fighting in the border region of
Abyei has recently forced thousands to flee, and there could be massive bloodshed when
South Sudan formally declares its independence July 9. With urgent diplomatic action,
Germany can help to ensure that such violence does not break out – and that the
international community will not have to face the prospect of a second intervention in the
Germany must do all it can to secure the progress that has been achieved in South Sudan and
to finally find a solution to the simmering Darfur conflict. Doing this will require short-,
medium- and long-term policy tools. In this Policy Brief, Genocide Alert issues short-term
recommendations – steps that Germany should take immediately. There are less than four
months left until the next turning point in Sudan. Humanitarian crises are resolved most
effectively and cheaply if they are prevented from arising in the first place. (…)

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