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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Refugees International
Sudan: Preventing Violence and Statelessness as Referendum Approaches
29 June 2010
Refugees International issued a field report on Sudan that emphasizes on the consequences that the referendum outcomes could have on the population. RI expressed concern over vulnerable populations such as IDPs in camps in the Khartoum area, Southerners living in the North as well as Northerners living in the South. These populations need to be included in the priorities of UN peacekeeping missions’ contingency plans while international actors such as the Troika and IGAD should work in coordination for the protections of targeted civilians prone to statelessness. Those legal protections should follow certain guidelines such as: 

“Choice: To the extent possible people should be able to choose their nationality and not have their current nationality stripped from them against their will (…)
Sufficient time to make a free and informed decision: Neither side should engage in or permit forced expulsion (…)
Non-discrimination: If people have significant ties to either the north or south, they should not be excluded from accessing citizenship on ethnic, religious or political grounds (…)
Commitment to protecting people from statelessness: While the citizenship negotiations are ongoing, both parties should offer reassurance by expressing their commitment to avoiding statelessness” (…) 


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