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Genocide Alert --Articles and calls to action (in German)
1. Sudan 30 days before the referendum, "the danger of war as high as ever!” 9 December  
2. Sudan before the elections - prevention is needed for new outbreaks of violence, 19 October  
3. Referendum 2011 - Sudan at the Crossroads, 18 October  
(Unofficial ICRtoP translation)
On 9 December, Genocide Alert (also ICRtoP member) issued an article (in German) entitled ‘Sudan 30 days before the referendum, the danger of war as high as ever’. The article expressed deep fears of a renewed civil war between the North and South. Genocide Alert chairman, Robert Schütte said: “The danger of war has never been as high as today. Both sides are armed to the teeth. It is feared that hundreds of thousands of people will lose their lives if the North wants to prevent a secession of the South by force”. In order to draw attention on the upcoming risks of mass atrocities, Genocide Alert has begun, exactly a month before the deadline, a new awareness campaign called Sudan Alarm! Robert Schütte has urged the EU, the German government and the international community at large to take decisive action to “prevent a disaster”.
On 18 and 19 October, Genocide Alert published two articles (‘Sudan before the elections –Prevention needed against new outbreaks of violence’ and ‘Referendum 2011—Sudan at the Crossroads’, available in German). They assess the risks for Sudanese civilians as the referenda approaches. Concern was voiced over the GoS’ unclear intentions, and its possible refusal to recognize cessesion of the South. A series of recommendations were put forward to increase the ability of UNMIS and UNAMID to better implement their mandate and protect civilians against mass atrocities. Genocide Alert also expressed disappointment with the international community for ignoring the gravity of the situation on the ground. It is thus strongly recommend in the articles for the US and the EU, and more specifically for Germany, to take significant steps to enhance civilian protection by using all diplomatic means to avoid escalating tension between the North and the South and facilitate peaceful negotiations on disputed political issues.

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