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Kyrgyz Provisional Government Must Intensify Stabilization Efforts in South
International Crisis Group
16 June 2010

Suggestions by Kyrgyzstan's Provisional Government yesterday that the situations in Osh and Jalalabad are stabilising, that foreign intervention is thus not needed, and that a referendum scheduled for 27 June can go ahead, are dangerously premature.

The situation in southern Kyrgyzstan remains unpredictable and volatile. The Provisional Government's handling of the situation has been less than assured, and it has itself admitted that its security forces lost control, and in some cases disobeyed orders.

(...) Many hundreds have died since the night of 10 June. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and are now living in makeshift conditions in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Local officials in the south have told Crisis Group they fear they cannot guarantee the security of refugees encamped along the Kyrgyz side of the border with Uzbekistan.

Kyrgyzstan needs help, and so far it has received little. International institutions and key nations such as Russia and the United States need to move rapidly to:

I. Develop a humanitarian corridor, including the necessary security and logistical support from Russia and the United States, to permit OCHA, UNHCR, ECHO and other humanitarian agencies to provide assistance to the hundreds of thousands of displaced. 

II. Deploy a troika of officials from the UN, EU and Russia to find ways to boost the capacity of the Provisional Government to restore order, initiate urgent short-term reconstruction actions and begin the planning for the longer process of rebuilding the area and reconciling its communities.
III. Support the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities to start a process of investigation and accountability.

In particular the United Nations Security Council should continue to closely monitor the situation in Kyrgyzstan and request regular briefings from the Secretariat on the humanitarian and political situation in the region.  Should the situation further deteriorate or should the government of Kyrgyzstan request assistance, the Council should consider options to authorise the deployment of a limited law-enforcement mission or international military observer mission to support the government’s efforts to protect populations within a specific time frame and possibly followed by a multilateral policing operation.

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