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Amnesty International: Kyrgyzstan government must protect its population
14 June 2010
Amnesty International has urged the Kyrgyzstani interim government and local authorities to ensure adequate protection for all Kyrgyzstani citizens, in particular those of Uzbek origin who have been targeted during the violence in the southern part of the country.  
(…) “The Kyrgyzstani law enforcement is failing to effectively provide human security to its population, in particular to the Uzbek community,” said Maisy Weicherding, Amnesty International’s expert on Central Asia.

“Immediate action is needed to prevent a further deterioration of the situation. The security forces, in their attempts to restore law and order in the city of Osh and the surrounding areas, must respect fundamental human rights.”  
(…) Eyewitnesses have reported that groups of armed civilians, mostly young men claiming to be Kyrgyz, were roaming the streets of Osh, targeting districts of the city inhabited mainly by Uzbeks shooting at civilians, setting shops and houses on fire and looting private property. While official figures for the past two days of violence speak about more than 60 people killed, unconfirmed reports given to the independent news agency by local district council representatives in Osh said that at least 500 Uzbek civilians had been killed by midday on 12 June and over 2,000 had been injured, many seriously.  (…)
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