The Ottawa Citizen
Richard Nsanzabaganwa
04 February 2008

(...) In Kenya, around 1,000 people were reportedly killed since last December and almost 300,000 displaced by inter-ethnic fighting. The current crisis in Kenya exposes a clear lack of political maturity among Kenyan rulers. There are no acceptable root causes that justify the mayhem that Kenyans are facing today. (...)

(...) Actions need to be taken without further delay to halt the violence [in Kenya]. While current political mediations are relevant, steady and quick actions must to be taken by other Kenyan institutions such as the Parliament or even security organs, if necessary, to restore order as early as possible.

The international community should not shy away from telling President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga that they bear heavy responsibility for the suffering of the Kenyan people, and make it clear to them that the near future will hold them accountable.

(...) The situation in Kenya also calls for the International Criminal Court that was established to help prevent massive commission of crimes and help restore public order by prosecuting crimes of international nature.

Kenya has accepted the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. (...)