Congo rebel commander arrested following mass rape of civilians
France 24
5 October 2010
 U.N. headquarters in New York circulated the announcement by the U.N. peacekeeping for in Congo of the arrest of the Mai-Mai commander, known as as Lt. Col. Mayele.
The U.N. announcement said Mayele is suspected of being one of the commanders in the mineral-rich Walikale area from July 30 to Aug. 2 when about 250 people in five villages, mainly women, were repeatedly gang raped, according to Dr. Chris Baguma of the Los Angeles-based International Medical Corps (…)
(…) The U.N. force said a preliminary report from U.N. human rights officials identified 303 civilian victims - 235 women, 13 men, 52 girls and 3 boys. Margot Wallstrom, who is responsible for U.N. efforts to combat sexual violence in conflict, welcomed Mayele's apprehension, calling it ''a victory for justice, especially for the many women who have suffered rapes and other forms of sexual violence.''
''The numerous criminal acts committed under `Lt. Col.' Mayele's command cannot be undone, but let his apprehension be a signal to all perpetrators of sexual violence that impunity for these types of crimes is not accepted and that justice will prevail,'' she said in a statement from the Congolese capital, Kinshasa. (…)
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