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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Policy Forum -- The Responsibility to Protect
Human Rights and Human Welfare

Korbel School of International Relations
Human Rights and Human Welfare is an international review of books and publications at the University of Denvers Korbel School of International Relations. HRHW periodically publishes thematic essays, as well as Book Notes intended to provide and annotation of recently published material and an assessment of its applicability and contribution to the field. The current issue is a policy forum concerning the Responsibility to Protect. An outline of the contents is reproduced below, followed by separate summaries of the work presented. The Introduction included is by the Chair of HRHW, independent analyst Kathy Gockel.

1. Introduction
The Responsibility to Protect Policy Forum
Kathy Gockel

() Even given the ratification by all Member States, tremendous debate continues at the UN and in the international community over the R2P paragraphs 138 and 139 in the World Summit Outcome Document. One of the key debates centers on when a situation is a case of humanitarian intervention and when one should invoke R2P. The two are not the same, hence R2P should only be invoked when genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity occur. A case in point is the debate that arose last year in response to the situation in Burma. In January 2009, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon released a new report, Implementing the Responsibility to Protect, in an effort to advance deliberations and move the paragraphs from concept to application. A statement by US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, sent an early signal of potentially greater US support of the concept and its implementation. ().


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