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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Transatlantic Atrocity Prevention: The U.S. and EU Approach to Implementing R2P
15 May 2013, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
United States Institute of Peace
2301 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20037
On May 15, Dr. Andrew Bartoli, Dean of the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, and Dr. Jan Wouters, Dean of the Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven, dicussed the rule of the US and European Union's approach to implementing the reponsibility to protect principle at an event sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace. 
The advocacy and academic communities have successfully strengthened the case for preventive action as a cost-effective alternative to crisis management or reactive measures. While significant progress has been made in recent years, relevant U.S. and EU policymakers still face significant political and operational challenges in implementing their responsibility to protect civilians from mass atrocity crimes. How do we translate the theory of atrocity prevention into practice? How can regional organizations best complement international and local initiatives? How do we effectively coordinate transatlantic efforts to prevent the type of mass killing we currently experience in Syria and throughout Central Africa?

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