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Local communities document deliberate targeting of civilians through aerial bombardment in Southern Kordofan
International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI)
23 May 2013
A briefing by a group of local monitors circulated today by the Sudan Consortium alleges that civilians are being directly and deliberately targeted by the Sudanese armed forces in Southern Kordofan.

Distributed as preparations gear up for the arrival of Heads of State in Ethiopia for the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the African Union, the briefing reminds the African Union that ongoing conflict, violence, and humanitarian and human rights crises in Sudan require their continued engagement. (…)

Based on analysis of the pattern of attacks over the last six months in areas to which the monitors have access, the briefing suggests that:
  • the Government of Sudan continues to launch direct aerial bombing attacks on civilian areas and the civilian population in Southern Kordofan – primarily through the use of crudely constructed (and inherently indiscriminate) barrel-bombs which contain a mixture of flammable liquid and pieces of scrap metal, which are rolled out of the back of Sudanese Air Force (SAF) Antonov bomber aircraft from high altitude;
  • the attacks have resulted in the destruction of communal amenities and other essential civilian infrastructure necessary to sustain the basic survival of the civilian population, including water-points, markets, schools, clinics and places of worship;
  • the timing and geographical spread in the pattern of these aerial bombing attacks appears to indicate a deliberate intention to disrupt the planting and harvesting of food crops, in addition to food distribution (eg. the bombing of markets on market days) in SPLM-N held areas. (…) 

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