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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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The Responsibility Not to Veto

(For a full list of Security Council vetoes, click here.)

There are currently two initiatives within the UN Membership that hope to ensure the Security Council takes timely and decisive action to prevent or respond to atrocity situations. For a quick overview, read our infographic here.

The first is the Accountability, Coherence, and Transparency's (ACT) "Code of Conduct regarding Security Council action against genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes." (Read the Code in French and Spanish).

The second is led by the Governments of France and Mexico and aims to obtain an agreement among the Security Council's Permanent Members to voluntarily refrain from using their vetoes in situations of atrocity crimes. Read the political declaration by France and Mexico in English and French).

Which countries support which initiatives? Click on our map to find out. Cliquez ici pour voir la carte en français.

Civil society, RtoP, and the Responsibility Not to Veto

Civil society, including the ICRtoP and its global membership, has been at the forefront of pressuring states to uphold their Responsibility to Protect by not obstructing united Security Council action to respond to atrocity crimes. Please find below recent work by the ICRtoP in this regard.
Infographic: The UN Security Council and the Responsibility Not to Veto  

ICRtoP Press Release: Veto on Srebrenica Resolution Hinders Ability to Prevent Next Genocide

ICRtoP and 47 Civil Society Organizations: Statement on the 4th Anniversary of the Crisis in Syria

ICRtoP Statement on Regulating the Use of the Veto in Mass Atrocity Situations

Letters to U.K, France, and U.S. from NGOs on Restraining the Use of the Veto in Atrocity Situations

NGOs, Including ICRtoP and Three Members, Release Statement on Restraining Use of Veto in Mass Atrocity Situations

ICRtoP Blog: Putting Down their Cards: Limiting the Veto in RtoP Situations

ICRtoP & other NGOs sign Joint Letter to France on Use of Veto in Mass Atrocity Situations

ICRtoP Blog: After the Double Veto: International Community Must Re-Double Efforts to Uphold RtoP in Syria

ICRtoP Blog: Syria: Members Continue to Debate Arab League Plan, Civil Society Urges No Veto

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