Human Rights Council Resolutions Referencing the Responsibility to Protect

(Work in Progress)


A/HRC/S-15/2: Situation of human rights in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Strongly calls upon the Government of Libya to meet its responsibility to protect its population, to immediately put an end to all human rights violations, to stop any attacks against civilians, and to fully respect all human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly; 


A/HRC/23/L.1: The deteriorating situation of human rights in the Syrian Arab Republic, and the recent killings in Al Qusayr:

Calls upon the Syrian authorities to meet their responsibility to protect the Syrian population and to put an immediate end to all attacks against the civilians of Al Qusayr;

A/HRC/22/22: The Prevention of Genocide

Reiterates the responsibility of each individual State to protect its population from genocide, which entails the prevention of such a crime, including incitement to it, through appropriate and necessary means;