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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Louise Arhour says Liberians must tell your leaders that their mission is to discharge responsibilities and improve living conditions
"Everybody has the same worth and dignity as a person. Everyone has the right to life and has the right to feel secure and save and governments have the obligation to provide for their people. The fundamental basis of human rights is that when we live in a society and we elect our governments, what we give them is not power, its responsibility."
The Human Rights Commissioner said, "Leaders have a responsibility to protect life, to protect security. These are not gifts that are given to you by the United Nations. They are your rights. We can merely assist you in claiming those rights and in fulfilling life and looking after yourselves as you are entitled to.

She reminded that that as Liberia moves towards elections, it's very important that they understand and they have to tell your leaders that they are not there to form a privileged group rather they are there to discharge responsibilities that they have to improve the conditions of Liberians and to ensure that they are safe and that their children can grow healthy and educated and to provide for themselves and their own children.

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