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Text of report in English by Iranian news agency IRNA web site
Tehran, 17 July: Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said here Sunday that dealing with the root causes of terrorism and avoiding double standards and discriminatory approaches are prerequisites for eradication of terrorism.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the International Conference on the United Nations Reforms, Kharrazi said Iran as a country that has suffered the most from acts of terrorism, condemns the ominous phenomenon of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations
To combat the ominous phenomenon, he added, a comprehensive definition of terrorism is needed not to give an excuse to powerful states to suppress liberation struggles of nations under occupation.

He pointed to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's report on the urgency of UN structural reforms

The profound transformations in international relations over the past two decades and the resulting new global challenges have made the reform of the United Nations an undeniable imperative, he said
The minister added there are certain references in Annan's report that have given rise to new controversial concepts with worrying implications for significant member of UN member states. Reinterpretation or rewriting of Article 51 of the UN Charter to permit unilateral action by use of force, failing to present a comprehensive definition of terrorism and discriminatory approach towards disarmament and references that could open the way for interference of powerful states in the internal affairs of other states are matters that have rightly provoked the reaction of developing countries."

From the very beginning of the debate on achieving reform of the United Nations, he said, Iran has participated actively in the formal and informal discussions of General Assembly, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

"In our world today, unilateralism and the temptations of the powerful states to use force against weaker states are part of the real threats that seriously jeopardize peace, security and development," Kharrazi stressed.
He further stated that the report also include some very general notions such as 'responsibility to protect' which is undefined and subject to misuse and objective interpretations.

"Fortunately, many countries, including developing states, have reacted towards these issues and hopefully the final document of the forthcoming summit in September will be free from these highly controversial issues."

Kharrazi cited the issue of 'Dialogue among Civilization' as among other issues in the debates relating to the UN reform and said, "This dialogue is the most effective way to deal with the growing threats and challenges to peace, development and human rights."

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