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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Special Event: 59th Annual DPI/NGO Conference - Human Security: Responsibility to Protect
and Peacebuilding Commission. (Conference Room 8)

7 September 2006

Conference Room 8

Roundtable # 3

One of the most significant achievements for human security in the 2005 World Summit was the
affirmation of an international responsibility to protect populations from genocide, war crimes,
ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. By committing themselves to the responsibility
to protect, governments accept that they must act earlier and more effectively in response to
outbreaks of crises in their own countries or wherever they occur. The responsibility to protect
is understood as a responsibility to prevent and rebuild, as well as to react. This roundtable will
provide examples of how these goals can be achieved and what role civil society organizations
play in ensuring that governments and civil society understand and implement this responsibility.
The recently established Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) will also be discussed.

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