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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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A Common Standard for Applying the Responsibility to Protect
Research and publication of the report was led by Professor Sheri P. Rosenberg of the Cardozo Human Rights Program, with significant input from Ekkehard Straus.
23 October 2013
The Cardozo Human Rights Program conducted research and published a report seeking to advance the implementation of RtoP by operationalizing prevention. According to the research, this objective can be achieved by developing a common standard and its guiding principles, against which relevant actors can assess incoming information in respect of R2P to determine when they should act pursuant to their R2P commitments.
Furthermore, the report rigorously assesses the benefits of, and challenges to, adopting a common standard for RtoP. The standard is intended to be utilized by states, international and regional organizations, civil society, academia and other actors applying an R2P framework to any potential mass atrocity situation.
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