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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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World Federalist Movement Canada – Letter to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs – Hon. John Baird on the September 11 UN debate on Responsibility to Protect
29 August 2013
We encourage the Government of Canada to make a strong  contribution to the 2013 UN debate on R2P by including the following key points in its statement at the General Assembly:
  1. Canada should affirm its support for the Responsibility to Protect normative framework. In a reply (ref. # A04637-2013) to a similar letter we sent last year, you reported that Canadian officials “reiterated Canada’s strong commitment to preventing and halting genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.” While useful and constructive, and also consistent with existing Canadian treaty obligations, we feel it would be even better if Canada were to support the Responsibility to Protect normative framework by name. (…)
  2. Canada should reflect its understanding that R2P is essentially and primarily a preventive doctrine. (…) A strong affirmation of the Responsibility to Protect’s pillars one and two, with concrete examples of Canadian actions and commitments of international assistance, would reinforce Canadian support for the international consensus necessary to advancing R2P.
  3. Canada should recognize the importance of incorporating the Responsibility to Protect in the work of other parts of the UN system, (…)
  4. Canada should utilize the occasion of the UN General Assembly debate to announce our government’s intention to appoint an R2P focal point. (…)
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