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Statement from Vision GRAM regarding the Adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty
Vision GRAM International
3 April 2013
Today Vision GRAM celebrates the victory of the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty. After a long battle, 154 states voted in favor, with 23 abstentions and 3 voting against. This is significant, as states took this Responsibile action on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world whose lives will be saved or greatly improved. We applaud the decision of the States who voted to contribute to Peace and security of the world.
Violence destroys the lives of many people, though women and children are disproportionately affected. Many Children are forcibly recruited and used by armed groups. Now, “We will replace their rifles with pens,” says Victor Amisi, Executive Director of Vision GRAM International. Women also celebrate a victory today, as they are often victims of rape and sexual violence due to the unchecked weapons trade. “It is a form of justice for the survivors of armed violence.”
Vision GRAM congratulates the States who made a responsible and courageous step, deciding to protect their populations, as the prevention of genocide, and crimes against humanity is part of the obligation of the State.
Today we call on Nations to keep the momentum and ratify the treaty as soon as possible. There is still much more to do.
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