The UN General Assembly and Security Council adopt resolutions on December 20 to establish the first UN body dedicated to post-conflict peacebuilding. View the General Assembly resolution here.

The R2PCS project welcomes the establishment of this new intergovernmental body. It has the potential to provide states and the international community with the opportunity to enact their responsibilities to rebuild war-torn societies, as well as their responsibilities to prevent the re-emergence of conflict in these areas.

The Peacebuilding Commission is expected to perform the following functions:
Bring together relevant actors to marshal resources
Advise on integrated strategies for post-conflict peace-building
Focus attention on reconstruction and institution-building
Support integrated strategies to promote sustainable development
Provide recommendations and information to improve coordination of all relevant actors
Develop best practices
Help ensure predictable financing
Extend period of attention of international community to post-conflict recovery.

The resolutions encourage the Commission to consult with civil society. Civil society organizations should now consider how they might engage with this new body. For more information on the Peacebuilding Commission, visit the UN webpage and the website.