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Letter to Canadian Foreign Minister ahead of the General Assembly dialogue
World Federalist Movement - Canada
23 August 2012
The following letter was sent to Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird by the World Federalist Movement – Canada, a ICRtoP member based in Ottawa, Canada.
(…) On behalf of the World Federalist Movement – Canada, I am writing with respect to the 5 September 2012 informal interactive dialogue of the United Nations General Assembly on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). We encourage the Government of Canada to make a strong contribution to the 2012 UN debate on R2P by including the following key points in its statement at the General Assembly:
1) Canada should affirm its support for the Responsibility to Protect.
2) Canada should reflect its understanding that R2P is essentially and primarily a preventive doctrine. (…)
3) Canada should acknowledge the positive contribution of the Brazilian initiative “Responsibility While Protecting.” (…)
4) Canada should recognize the importance of incorporating the Responsibility to Protect in the work of other parts of the UN system, including the UN Human Rights Council.
5) Canada should utilize the occasion of the UN General Assembly debate to announce our government’s intention to appoint an R2P focal point. (…)
The World Federalist Movement recognizes that, while the R2P concept is now widely accepted, its consistent application will entail sustained efforts over the long term to strengthen and reform the United Nations system. Our organization is also programmatically engaged in support of measures such as a reformed and more transparent UN Security Council, and creation of standing, rapidly deployable UN peace operations capacities (such as the proposed UN Emergency Peace Service). (…)
Read the full letter.
Read a recent NATO Watch editorial in the latest issue of the Observatory, “What will NATO contribute to the R2P dialogue at the UN General Assembly?”


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