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25 July 2012
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ICRtoP Welcomes Four New Coalition Members
The International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) is pleased to welcome four new Coalition Members, the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, NATO Watch, Permanent Peace Movement, and the Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention. We encourage you to read more about how these organizations are working to build normative consensus for RtoP and strengthen institutional capacities to prevent and respond to mass atrocities. 
In 2011, the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (CCR2P) was founded to conduct and publish research on RtoP and track Canadian government policy with regard to the norm. Recent publications include “By Sea, Air and Land: Plausible “Responsibility to React” Scenarios and their Military Requirements” as well as a “Report on Civil Society Engagement with R2P”. CCR2P also aims to foster discussion on the norm, and hosts symposia for academics, leaders and activists in the field of mass atrocity prevention. The inaugural event, “Ten Years After ICISS”, was held in November 2011, and the next is scheduled for October 2012. The organization works closely with the Munk School for Global Affairs and the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto to develop partnerships with academic institutions. 
2. NATO Watch (United Kingdom)
Launched in April 2009 at the inaugural “Shadow NATO Summit” in Brussels, NATO Watch is a “virtual” think-tank examining the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in public life and advocating for more openness, transparency and accountability within the organization. Through research and analysis, news briefings and events, including annual “Shadow Summits”, the organization has reflected and recommended policy for NATO in the context of RtoP and Libya. Related policy briefs include, “How good is NATO after Libya?” NATO Watch is also developing a Citizens’ Charter for NATO Reform to be launched in August 2012, which will include language calling on NATO to implement RtoP. In particular, NATO Watch has called on NATO to establish a R2P Committee to analyze threats of mass violence, develop military guidance on prevention and response, and incorporate these guidelines into doctrine and training
3.The Permanent Peace Movement (Beirut, Lebanon)
At the height of the Lebanese civil war in 1989, the Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) was founded by university students united by their common vision of the future of Lebanon and their aversion to war. Motivated by the idea that violence is never the solution to resolve conflict, PPM works to promote and facilitate peacebuilding in local, national and international communities through projects such as “Dialogue for Life” and “Citizen Lebanon”. PPM works to resolve conflict through training programs on pluralism and tolerance, to promote transitional justice and reconciliation, to organize campaigns for conflict resolution, to advance human rights and human security, and to motivate individuals and groups to participate in peacebuilding.
Founded in 2008, the Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention is a volunteer-based organization that strives to predict and prevent genocide through the innovative use of technology and cooperation with threatened communities. Aiming to go beyond traditional anti-genocide activism, the Sentinel Project monitors and analyzes traditional and social media and blogs, striving to act as an early warning system to identify communities at risk of genocide. The organization currently monitors ongoing developments in Iran and Kenya, and will soon be expanding its operations to other situations of concerns.
Read more information about ICRtoP’s 45 Members and visit our Join the Coalition Page for further information on how your organization can become a part of ICRtoP as either a Member or NGO Supporter. Coalition Members further RtoP by engaging local, national, regional and sub-regional and international actors through work in a variety of sectors including human rights, conflict prevention, peace and security, humanitarian assistance, gender equality, international justice and peacebuilding. We encourage you to reach out to them for their expertise, inspiration and partnership on these subjects.  ICRtoP will also feature their RtoP-related work under Latest from the Coalition on our website:
Thank you to Amelia Wolf for compiling this listserv.


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