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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Argentine Congressman Eduardo Amadeo supports "responsibility while protecting"
Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Economicas y Sociales
July 2012
Argentine Congressman, Eduardo Amadeo, called on the government of Cristina Kirchner to take urgent action by "human rights violations" in Syria and close the national embassy in that country. (…)
"Argentina can no longer silently witnessing the massacres in Syria. A government that puts the heart of its foreign policy on the defense of human rights is remaining incredibly quiet address this humanitarian scandal, while other countries have taken clear action of repudiation," said Amadeo. (…)
"Brazil has had a very active role in what is happening in Syria. The draft "Responsibility while Protecting" is a breakthrough to find consensus in the international community. This document also affirmed the importance to advance in the debate of defining once and for all how the UN should give answers to genocide, ethnic cleansing and other atrocities, "said Amadeo. (…)
"If the government of Al-Assad is not fulfilling its basic responsibility to protect its own population, is the responsibility of the international community to protect and ensure respect for the human rights. It can´t happen situations like Srebrenica or Somalia again, "concluded the Congressman.
Read the full statement in Spanish and English.


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