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9 July 2012
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New “At a Glance” – Fact-finding and Assessment
Fourth document in the series on measures available under the third pillar of RtoP
ICRtoP is pleased to announce the fourth publication in the “At a Glance” series on measures available under the third pillar. The latest “At a Glance” covers the principal mechanisms for fact-finding and assessment as tools to gather information on the atrocities committed, to assess appropriate accountability and reconciliation measures post-conflict, and to prevent atrocities from escalating and/or reoccurring. The document provides an overview of the role that the United Nations (UN), regional organizations, national governments and civil society can play, as well the challenges facing the success in implementation of the tools. Previous publications in this series have focused on clarifying the third pillar, preventive diplomacy, regional and international justice, and civilian and military capacity.
Since 2009, the UN General Assembly has held an annual informal, interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP, R2P). The discourse is based in part on reports published by the UN Secretary-General ahead of the meetings exploring measures within the norm’s scope or the role of various actors. These dialogues are an important opportunity for Member States, regional and sub-regional organizations and civil society to discuss the norm’s implementation and assess best practices from past crisis situations. This year, the General Assembly plans to discuss the broad range of political, economic, humanitarian and, if necessary, military response measures available to actors at the national, regional, and international levels within the third pillar of the Responsibility to Protect. 
Please see ICRtoP's previous publications in the “At a Glance” series on Clarifying the Third Pillar, as well as Preventive DiplomacyRegional and International Justice, and Civilian and Military Capacity, to learn more about the measures within the third pillar of RtoP and the capacity of actors to implement these tools.

The final At a Glance” publication will focus on "Targeted Sanctions".


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