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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Why the Atrocities Prevention Board is Critical
Abigail Long, David Abramowitz
Humanity United
23 April 2012
(…) The APB will serve as a central point to develop policies that prevent and effectively counter mass civilian killings, bringing together key leaders from the State Department (diplomacy) to the Department of Treasury (sanctions) to the Department of Defense (military). The board’s broad mandate can also fill an operational gap, between everyday diplomacy and outright crisis. The APB will provide a space for these policymakers, assistant secretary-level and higher, to discuss potential and emerging crises throughout the world, as well provide recommendations on ongoing crises.
Such efforts are critical: Once a crisis erupts, not only is there a heartbreaking loss of life, but the total financial costs to resolve the conflict, if that is even possible, are astronomical. For instance, since the beginning of the conflict in Somalia in 1991, the international community has spent more than $55 billion dollars and counting trying to resolve it. (…)
(…) In addition to the APB, the White House announced several other new prevention tools today—including a partnership between Humanity United and USAID, which will seek to find innovative ways to stop these crimes in the future. (…)


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