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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Citizens for Global Solutions Applauds President on Atrocity Prevention
Citizens for Global Solutions
23 April 2012
(…) Citizens for Global Solutions has long championed the United States developing a strategy for genocide prevention. Don Kraus, CEO of Citizens for Global Solutions said, “President Obama’s address today was the most substantive speech I have ever heard a President give on genocide prevention. Citizens for Global Solutions applauds the administration’s creation of an Interagency Atrocities Prevention Board and the other very significant measures taken today. Together, this represents a historic milestone in developing a comprehensive policy framework to prevent future atrocities.”
However, more action is needed to be taken in order to ensure the Board’s effectiveness. Kraus noted, “It is crucial that the Atrocities Prevention Board engages with Congress in its development, that flexible funding is explored to match complicated crises with the need for timely response, and that civilian society is consulted in conflict assessment and policy planning.” (…)


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