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Foundation Welcomes Creation of Atrocities Prevention Board 
Stanley Foundation
23 April 2012

The Stanley Foundation welcomes the announcement by President Obama that a new interagency Atrocities Prevention Board is formed and will hold its first meeting today.
The standing interagency board is an important tool in developing prevention strategies and ensuring concerns are elevated for senior decision making. Its creation will help the United States work better with allies and partners in responding to early warning signs to prevent potential atrocities around the world. (…)
(…) Stanley Foundation program officer Rachel Gerber attended Monday’s event at the United States Holocaust Museum and said the Atrocities Prevention Board is an important step in developing a strategy that emphasizes preventing bloodshed before it happens.
“The President described his speech today as a 'report back' on a promise made three years ago on Capitol Hill to commit the US government to do all in its power to prevent and halt mass atrocities,” Gerber said. “To echo the words of the President, the Atrocities Prevention Board and related US policy initiatives announced today are intended to ensure that atrocity prevention is neither an ‘afterthought’ nor a ‘sideline’ of US foreign policy.
“Their value lies in their potential to make atrocity risk a consistent focus of US global engagement, rather than an ad hoc response to isolated and escalating crises. Their ultimate success will be defined not only by the immediate policies they inspire, but also by their long-term ability to secure atrocity prevention as part of the basic DNA of US foreign policy.” (…)
To read the full press release, see here.


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