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Civil Society Advocacy Aims to Ensure Constructive 2012 UN Dialogue on RtoP
ICRtoP blog post
10 April 2012

To read the full blog post, see here.
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will host an informal interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect this summer (date yet to be announced). The dialogue will be the third of its kind since 2009, and is an opportunity for discussion between Member States, regional and sub-regional arrangements and civil society on the norm and its implementation. This year, the dialogue will be on the third pillar of the Responsibility to Protect – timely and decisive action. (…)
(…) Civil society plays an important role ahead of the dialogues, engaging UN Officials, regional and sub-regional organizations, and Member States to provide constructive remarks, working together to educate on the thematic focus of the dialogues, participating in the meetings themselves, and publishing reports in their aftermath. (…)

(…) The thematic focus of this year’s dialogue will be measures under the third pillar of the RtoP framework, timely and decisive response. Third pillar tools range from diplomatic, to economic, legal, and military, and enable flexible, rapid responses to country-specific situations. In light of recent cases including Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan/South Sudan, and Syria - where such third-pillar measures have been implemented in efforts to protect populations from mass atrocities - the dialogue will serve as a timely opportunity to address concerns held by some UN Member States over RtoP’s implementation, reflect on best practices and lessons learned, and foster informed conversation on clarifying what RtoP’s third pillar entails and how to operationalize these measures. (…) 

To read the full blog post, see here.


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