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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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Global Action to Prevent War Newsletter, Spring 2012
Global Action to Prevent War
14 March 2012
Women as Solutions to and Victims of the Threat of Mass Atrocities (…)
(…) On February 21, a group of 35 scholars and activists gathered at the UN for a
GAPW-sponsored event on Integrating Gender Perspectives into the Third Pillar of the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP). (…)
(…) Under the able guidance of Melina Lito and with the cooperation of many women leaders in peace and security at the United Nations, we have prepared a draft Background Concept Note on gender and RtoP that will be used at workshops in Caracas, Brussels, Beirut and other settings where policymakers are helping us prepare delegations for this summer‘s General Assembly debate on the ‘Third Pillar‘ of RtoP.
The hope is that the GA debate will spark more lively interest in the UN‘s preventive and reactive toolkit on RtoP. We also hope that the debate will motivate more intense discussion of how the skills and capacities of women can be made fully available to prevent deadly conflict, protect civilians in imminent danger of mass atrocity crimes, and heal the wounds of violence. (…)
(…) Assessing RtoP in Caracas, Venezuela with WFUNA
We have long contended that the task for diplomats and those groups seeking to partner effectively with them is to invest considerable energies listening to and exploring remedies for state concerns regarding a wide range of sometimes controversial security issues.    
In the case of the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) norm the tendency for advocates is to divide states into those who support the norm and those who are opposed. It seems to us more prudent to accept that much of the support for and criticism of the RtoP norm is relative. (…)
(…) Recently, Global Action was pleased once again to join the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA) in their efforts to engage local UN Associations and civil society on RtoP while discussing core objections of some of the more wary governments on RtoP.
This time, the workshop was in Caracas and attracted an inquisitive and largely enthusiastic group of 60 NGOs, journalists and government officials who seemed to find the norm compelling despite the Venezuelan government‘s largely critical (though evolving) reaction to RtoP. The workshop was led by a capable blend of local and international resource persons who helped participants both understand the norm and explore local options for response. (…)
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