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International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect
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ICRtoP Welcomes Two New Steering Committee Members
ICRtoP Secretariat
5 March 2012

The ICRtoP is pleased to welcome the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect and The Stanley Foundation as the newest Members of the Coalition’s Steering Committee. These two organizations will join the present nine Committee Members in upholding the founding purposes of the Coalition. The Steering Committee guides the strategic priorities and activities of the ICRtoP, identifies new Members and NGO Supporters, and participates in international and regional events on RtoP and related themes and country cases. ICRtoP is honored to welcome the Asia-Pacific Centre for R2P and the Stanley Foundation to the Coalition’s Steering Committee.
Please visit our Join the Coalition Page for further information on how your organization can become a part of ICRtoP as either a Member or NGO Supporter, and see below for additional information on the two recent Members of the ICRtoP Steering Committee.
The Centre became an ICRtoP Member in October 2010, and aims to advance RtoP throughout the region and world using research-driven policy dialogue, civil society and government engagement, prevention toolkits and local and regional constituency building. The Centre takes on the challenge of influencing policy deliberation and public debate by serving as an academic resource for governments, regional organizations, NGOs, and researchers. They have fourteen research initiatives, which are described in detail in their May 2011 publication “Research in Focus,” with two major projects being “Advancing the R2P in Southeast Asia” and “Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities.” The Centre runs national programs on RtoP in the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, aiming to strengthen the states’ capacity to respond to the threat of mass atrocities and build support for the RtoP norm. The Centre also regularly publishes a newsletter on the norm discussing country cases in the Asia-Pacific and featuring commentary from regional experts. Recently, the Centre began issuing a series of policy briefs entitled R2P Ideas in Brief, the most recent issue addressing “regime-induced displacement” and the role that RtoP plays in preventing this issue.
2. The Stanley Foundation (Muscatine, USA)
The Stanley Foundation joined ICRtoP as a Coalition Member in June 2010. The Stanley Foundation’s program on Preventing Genocide is constructed around RtoP and promotes the acceptance of states' sovereign responsibilities and the building of states’ capacities to ensure the protection of their populations. The Stanley Foundation also promotes effective multilateral responses when a state fails to uphold their protection obligations. The Stanley Foundation helped to launch a Focal Points Network, in cooperation with the governments of Denmark and Ghana and the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, which aims to build a global network of national Focal Points focused on the domestic implementation of RtoP. The Stanley Foundation also issues policy briefs, op-eds, and articles on RtoP, including Mass Atrocities and Armed Conflict: Links Distinctions, and Implications for the Responsibility to Prevent written by Alex Bellamy and issued in February 2011. The Stanley Foundation convenes high-level conferences related to RtoP, such as their October 2011 meeting of over 30 US government officials and mass atrocity specialists to discuss the August 2010 US Presidential Directive to create an interagency Atrocities Prevention Board. Most recently, in January 2012, the organization hosted R2P: The Next Decade with the Carnegie Corporation of New York and MacArthur Foundation, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the ICISS Report.


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