R2P Monitor
Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect
10 January 2012
The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect has released a new, bi-montly publication, the R2P Monitor which:
(…) - Provides background on the populations at risk, with particular emphasis on key events and actors and their connection to the threat, or commission, of mass  atrocity crimes.
- Offers analysis of the country’s past history in relation to mass atrocity crimes; the factors that have enabled their possible commission, or that prevent  their  resolution; and the receptivity of the situation to positive influences that would assist in preventing further crimes.
- Tracks the international response to the situation with a particular emphasis upon the actions of the United Nations (UN), key regional actors and the International Criminal Court (ICC).
- Suggests necessary action to prevent or halt the commission of mass atrocity crimes (…)
The first edition includes background and analysis on the following country-specific situations: Syria, Sudan/South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Somalia, Myanmar, Yemen.
 See publication here.