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20 October 2011
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Does your organization support the Responsibility to Protect? The International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) is delighted to announce a new membership category for ‘NGO Supporters’ and would like to invite your organization to join.

ICRtoP has created a second membership category for NGOs that support the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP or R2P) and the work of the Coalition, but that may not have the mandate, resources or staff capacity to have an active program to advance the norm. Unlike ICRtoP “Members', “NGO Supporters” are not required to have RtoP (or RtoP-related) projects and activities. With this new category of membership, broadening the base of RtoP supporters will allow the network to amplify our collective voice as we seek to mobilize in situations where atrocities are occurring or threatening to occur.
NGO Supporters will have the opportunity to:
  1. Express their shared belief that RtoP has the potential to be a powerful new tool to prevent and halt genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing
  2. Add their name to hundreds of NGOs interested in advancing RtoP
  3. Access the most updated information on RtoP and crises situations and have the opportunity to join campaigns and events

NGO Supporters must fit the following criteria:
  1. NGO Supporters must be non-governmental organizations. Government-operated and controlled NGOs, or NGOs who do not operate independently, with neutrality, and with impartiality of government influence are not eligible to become a Supporter.
  2. Individual or private sector supporters are encouraged to support RtoP but only their not-for-profit components are eligible to become NGO Supporters.
  3. NGO Supporters must endorse the common understanding of RtoP principles and the founding purpose of the Coalition. Any advocacy efforts that Members undertake should reflect these principles and purposes.

To become an NGO Supporter of the Coalition
Name of Organization:
Mandate and Principal Activities of Organization:
Location(s) of Headquarters:
Location(s) of Operations:
Is your organization a legally registered or formally recognized by the authorities in the country where it is located? Yes/No
Do you agree with our Common Understanding of RtoP? Yes/No


To learn more about joining the Coalition as a full Member, please see our Membership Criteria for more information on becoming an ICRtoP Member.

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