New Publication from ICRtoP: Voices from Civil Society
26 July 2011
For almost a decade, civil society, composed of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia and media, has served as a guiding voice and a constructive player in the development of the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP). As a global network of 34 NGOs, the ICRtoP works to connect these groups and enhance their voices with the goal of promoting RtoP at the international, regional, sub-regional and national level.
In this publication, 25 civil society groups from Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas, including many ICRtoP members and close partners, highlight aspects of their current programs which relate to RtoP. 
Furthering RtoP is a priority for a number of different sectors, including human rights, conflict prevention, peace & security, humanitarian, women’s rights, international justice and peacebuilding.
Recognizing the need to learn from different regional and sectoral perspectives, we encourage you to discover, or re-discover, some of the key actors involved in furthering the Responsibility to Protect.
Voices from Civil Society provides an overview of our members and partners working to:
·         Engage regional and sub-regional organizations in implementing RtoP principles
·         Strengthen justice and accountability for mass atrocity crimes
·         Address barriers to policy development and implementation through targeted research
·         Support early warning for early engagement to prevent mass atrocities
·         Protect refugees and IDPs
·         Promote women’s rights
·         Advocate for action in RtoP country situations
·         Build capacity of civil society groups to advocate for RtoP
·         Improve the capacity to intervene by strengthening civilian protection
See publication here.